Cross-Generational Romance in Film: Murphy’s Romance

murphyI admit it. I prefer Widowned or never-married. I’ve been the second Mrs. Not a always a great deal. Hence the fact that I became the 2nd ex Mrs. But this movie has it all–a great cast, appealing characters, a believable storyline. “Next time you get asked, say yes,” is probably my second favorite line from this film, but then so is “I’m not your Dutch Uncle….” But what’s not to love about a pharmacist who drives an antique car and decides he’s “In love–for the last time?” Emma [Sally Field] , a single Mom now living apart from the boy’s charming but irresponsible Dad has moved to a small rural town to train horses. Along the way the boy’s father shows up again and there’s a brief confusion resulting in a roll in the hay–really, in the hay in the barn. But at last Murphy [James Garner] wins the day and Emma sends her ex-, his new girlfriend, their twin sons and his motorcycle packing and falls into the arms of the man who truly loves her. Murphy’s Romance.

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