Read Harder Challenge 2015


Before someone coined the phrase “Reading Challenge” I was already doing it. Not  bragging–just sayin’. I’ve always tried to vary my reading by “assigning myself” something different. I’ve forced myself to read a Sci Fi book (that was a month of evenings I won’t get back), a fantasy (ditto, but it was shorter), I even waded through the first Outlander (on audio) but nearly wrecked the car when ONE SCENE was read…blech….graphic “intimacy” has no place in morning drive-time (that poor man in the right lane–I didn’t mean to swerve!) [I should say, too, that I liked the story–just could do without 99% of the sex, even if he does wear a kilt].

This year I somehow got involved in two similar reading challenges. The one pictured here and another that includes things like “A book you should have read in high school” and a “Book your mother loves,” you probably know the one. This post is about the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge 2015.

3booksI’m now down to the difficult parts that involved research. Normally I love research–heck I’m a librarian after all. But delving into people’s private lives to find out their bedroom preferences and age aren’t my type research. I tried to read Persopolis once but gave up. Graphic novels are not my thing yet….maybe, but honestly if Persopolis couldn’t hold my attention I doubt if some strange looking Japanese character or speach-bubble laden cool history could either. So, if I get that one done it’ll be because I’ve found the newest Doonsebury or Garfield collection. Do LOL Cats count? Hmmmmm, must look into that.


I have read quite a lot of African literature, but none this year, so the “Indigenous Culture” one may be a stretch, too. I’ll have to wade thru my 1000+ entry Goodreads “to read” list and see if anything will work. Same with Indie presses–I suspect these are easier to find in college towns and places that radiate cool like Portland, Oregon. I doubt my very rural Wal-Mart of Kroger carries them so I’ll see if Amazon has a special category. Don’t flame me–Amazon is all I have except for the previously mentioned Big-Boxes.

Anyone else doing a challenge? You can see the one I’m just starting–to be done over two years and around any others I choose–at this post.“Self-Assigned Reading….”


If you’ve been participating in the Read Harder Challenge head over to Book Riot for your form and when you finish submit it. Leave a comment here, too. I love to see what people read. After all, this blog has a tag just for Book Lists.

I enjoy reading your comments!

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