New book list love: Reading around the world

I love book lists. Both the kind that contribute to my competitive reading addiction and those that list books of a certain genre, subject, author, location. My current fixation is on cataloging books read by location. There are blogs that do this (I set one up but abandoned it) but these are mine and are recorded in my own handwriting–just like my personal reading log. I have a number of “shelves” [a.k.a. lists] on as well–including books by awards they’ve won and audio books and books read by the year in which I read them. I love book lists. Did I mention this?


I also love Composition Books–an article never seen in my school days. The closest thing to them were those awful “Blue Books” in which we wrote exams in college. Love these. I also use one for my Commonplace Book. It happens to be a traditional black with white specs one. This is a modern one with a plastic cover. As you can see, I thought it would have a different use, but that never happened so I’ve re-purposed it as my “By State or Country” list.


Here’s a sample of State page: Colorado. I decided not to bother with most New York books–everything seems set in New York City so why worry about it. I’ll just note those that happen elsewhere in the states. Same thing with the U.L.–I’ll skip London books and probably ones from Paris on the France page too, now that I think about it.

Bystate3Here’s a Country page that includes Malawi, my Peace Corps home. I’m not sure about books set in more than one country–should they go on one page ONLY or on both? Hmmmmmm. I’ll have to work that one out.

Anyone share my book list obsession? Do you keep any specialized book lists? Leave me a comment–I’d love to hear from you.

I enjoy reading your comments!

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