Road Trip Reads: Three Road Trip Books

greyhoundIn this novel, the main character, a boy named Sebastien, has a tough ride to a new life. His Mom and her boyfriend have no use for him so they put him on a bus to travel from California to Pennsylvania over several days ALONE. Along the way he finds an unlikely guardian angel named Marcus, an ex-con who knows a thing or two about not being wanted. The trip is long, boring and sometimes dangerous. But it helps propel Sebastien thru to the next stage of life. Sebastien’s life resonated with me in so many very personal ways.

I got this super cheap for kindle and wanted to buy a second copy at full price because it is THAT good. So, buy it. Definitely a sleeper not to be missed. Greyhound by Steffan Piper.


harryHarry Truman, the last man to be President without a college degree, still managed to make the most difficult decision in human history–whether or not to use the atomic bomb. He was also the last President to leave office with no pension. An unsuccessful businessman, Truman had been in local politics for much of his life, therefore, having almost no “personal capital” to bankroll his post-White House life. He and wife Bess went home to Independence, Missouri to what had been her mother’s house. They made due with his pension of just over $100 a month from his service in World War I. He was not even given a raise in his pension to reflect nearly 8 years service as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces! Ever-honest Harry refused to profit off the presidency for fear of cheapening or degrading the office. However, he DID accept a great deal on a brand new Chrysler New Yorker and in this great car he and Bess set off to drive to a convention–the last time an ex-President would be able to travel in such a style. The Truman’s headed east at the Bess-mandated top speed of 55 mph. They had about 50-50 luck in avoiding the public’s attention–especially after Harry was stopped for going too slowly on the highway! A nice little memoir of a nice, old-fashioned road trip. Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure: The True Story of a Great American Road Trip by Matthew Alego. [Note: This review originally appeared on my old blog on 5/31.2001.]

10PContrast that life with “the million mile journey” Arnold Peat gave his 10 children. In my mind the Peat’s are the original Quiverfull family. Mom, Dad, 10 kids, two family businesses and a home they rarely visited. Deciding, finally, that he–not the pubic schools–had been charged by God with the raising and character-molding of his children, Arnold Peat took his children OUT of school and assigned his wife the task of teaching the children. The family served the Lord in a singing and preachy ministry–a specialty was the reciting of huge portions of the Bible! They paid the bills with love offering proceeds and by selling homemade fertilizer door-to-door. They set up at a motel, go buy the ingredients, mix, weigh, package and label the stuff and sell it!

Imagine the outcry if a family tried to do that in a Super 8 parking lot today!! While I was left feeling how incredibly naive people were “back then” to just take the word of a man from “nowhere” that this stuff worked, I also thought Arnold should have trained others in his sales techniques! And, how many children would willingly eat a lettuce and mayo sandwich while riding on a cardboard box in the back of a truck?? Still, the sincerity of this family’s faith and willingness to go where God called them was amazing. I finished this book with the impression that these parents really did try to discern God’s will in their lives and in the lives of their children. Of course, in their day, no one had ever heard of Bill Gothard, ATI/IBLP, Vision Forum or Patriarchy. Ten P’s in a Pod by Arnold Pent, Jr. [Note: This review originally appeared on my old blog 7/23/2010.]

3 thoughts on “Road Trip Reads: Three Road Trip Books

  1. I think you were the one I heard about the Peas in a Pod book from. I read it to the girls after dinner several years, and like you, was so impressed by the family’s devotion. Now we’re reading Glass Castle as that family travels cross-country …


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