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Banned and Challenged Books Week: High School Banned Book Memory


Wifey_book_coverBack before Snapchat and other similar services, girls passed around books with certain parts underlined in red. I blush to the roots to admit I participated in this with the book Wifey. To be honest I don’t remember much of this novel–just the giggling that went with it. And that she goes to a party with no panties on–only a tampon for “protection.” In 1978 or so that was pretty darned racy. No one talked about tampons and such in books. What did we learn from what is undoubtedly a pretty tame book today? We learned that temptation doesn’t get easier with age. That yes, our parents probably still “do” and yes, people older than us–whether parents or no, have to go out and find it just like teenagers! So you could say we gained insight into the world of adults. Wifey by Judy Blume.

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