Sequel please! Lynn Austin’s Fire By Night

So often I finish a novel and wish there was a sequel. So, I thought I’d begin highlighting those books in an effort to get the author to…well…write one!

I read very little Christian fiction, but one author in that genre that I really enjoy is Lynn Austin. And the second book of her Refiner’s Fire series, Fire By Night, left me begging for more. Julia’s change from spoiled society girl to useful, empowered woman alone was enough to make me want a sequel. But throw in James–a brooding doctor and surround them with the Civil War?? SEQUEL! SEQUEL! SEQUEL!!!!!

Do they live happily ever after. Do they experience 19th Century PTSD? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

I just plain LOVED them. This book is excellent. I want more!

Fire By Night by Lynn Austin.

Fire by night

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