Favorite Fictional Felines (and a few nonfictional kitties) for National Cat Day

In an earlier post I mentioned my childhood love of the Little Golden Book, the New Kittens.Today I want to go beyond that first lovely cat book and celebrate National Cat Day in style by reviewing some of my all-time favorite cat stories. Cats feature prominently in my own fiction writing as well. I hope someday soon you’ll read the stories of Robby at Amberleigh and Sherman in 1920s Indiana in my novel Meat, Potatoes and Pie: A Midwestern Love Story, for yourself. Meanwhile, lets enjoy those fictional felines whose stories have already published.


One of the “gateway” books of my life–gateway to being an avid reader that is–was The Silent Meow. This is a cat lovers dream book! Told by the young cat who finds herself raising kittens after being swept off her paws by a dazzlingly white Tom–her first love. Sweet, funny, true-to life, Paul Gallico’s classic is not to be missed.The Silent Meow by Paul Gallico and Suzanne Szasz

OscarFew authors have told animal stories as well as the British vet who styled himself “James Herriot.” I have read all of his books too many times to count. His cat stories are possibly my favorite of all his animal tales. Oscar, though, has a special place in my heart. He might just be a very distant ancestor of my fictional feline Sherman. Oscar went to the town band practice and other local happenings. He always turned up on time and always behaved impeccably. There’s, of course, more to Oscar’s story but I won’t spoil it for you. Oscar, Cat About Town by James Herriot.


Charlie Anderson is a marvelous cat-tale! This kitty loves two families. At one home he is Charlie and at the other he is named Anderson. It is a lovely book, beautifully illustrated.Children in divorced families, especially, will find comfort in this story  Charlie Anderson by Barbara Abercrombie.

cloudyCloudy is like the big Tom cats of my childhood–free-range. He goes out at night and prowls. The art work draws the reader in so that you almost feel the dampness of the weather. Cloudy by Deborah King


Dewey is possibly the world’s best known library cat. Found as a tiny kitten in a public library book drop, Dewey was taken in by the librarian and her staff and never left. He’s been on the news all over the world, the library had streams of visitors to meet him. This is a delightful story appropriate for all ages. Dewey also is now the star of a children’s picture book as well. Dewey… by Vicki Myron

Do you have a favorite fictional feline? Leave me a comment about him or her. I love to get your comments.

I enjoy reading your comments!

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