Favorite humorous Children’s Christmas Books

Note: This was originally published, with a few minor changes, at my old blog for Christmas 2011.
The best humor has an element of truth to it. Each of these so-called “children’s books” are really fun for any age.

How Santa Got His Job (and the sequel which I have not seen, How Santa Lost His Job) is a clever take on both Santa and the struggle to find that first job and subsequently to build a career. I love this book because it doesn’t talk down to kids and the humor is not a bunch of cheap gags. Although I have not seen it, there is a follow up, How Santa Lost His Job.

Piper’s Night Before Christmas is a gift from Mark Lowry to parents of kids with ADD/ADHD or who just simply can’t calm down during the holidays! I was spoiled–I first heard this story told live by Lowry himself. This is such a cute book–there ARE cheap gags here, but it’s a story that holds the attention of any kid who happens to be a little “hyper” like poor Piper.

Catmas Carols is a fun little book of traditional Christmas Carols re-written from a cat’s perspective. My daughter and I used to laugh and laugh over these when she was little. If you are a cat person you will “get it” and immediately start laughing. If you are a dog person, don’t bother it won’t make sense.

The Librarian’s Night Before Christmas is one of many job-related re-workings of Clement Moore’s properly titled “A Visit from St. Nicholas.” It’s one of those clever pieces that make you nod your head at the knowing turns of phrase–most of which are, as the British say, “Spot On.”

When my son was little school was the ultimate in prison sentence for him. He HATED it. He could not understand why he had to SIT STILL or do something he didn’t like. While it was hell for him it was 1000 times worse for his poor teachers. His first year in the USA he was in a tiny “annex” of a Christian School. A combined 3rd/4th grade with a very patient, experienced, former public school teacher. In 3rd grade that year there were 9 little boys and no girls. He was accepted and cared for there.

My fondest memory was stopping by one day just to peek in and see if he was causing total chaos and instead I got a gift from God and his teacher. They were all sitting on a rug,  and he was snuggled up tight to the teacher, and all 9 little boys were beaming with joy singing this song! That week math was no problem–it was all tied to the song. They read a little about each type dog. He was so happy that week. So, I include this one for that sweet, sweet memory. I’m not even positive it’s the right version! 12 Dogs of Christmas.


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