A few more grown-up Christmas books

Earlier I posted a list of humorous Christmas books for grown-ups. This time I’m looking at slightly more serious ones.


Hired man

This little book packs a whole lot of great story in a small package. A little bit mysterious, a little bit coming-of-age story, this is a story to restore some faith in men and the value of hard work as well as in the love of Christmastime. The Hired Man’s Christmas by George Givens.





David Baldacci is not know for “sweet,” but this book has a way of turning your heart to sweeter thoughts. A train trip that can restore a little Goodwill to Men? Not in my experience! Travel, romance, and faith in humanity all in the same book? It takes as skilled a storyteller as Baldacci to pull it off. You won’t regret the time spent enjoying this one! The Christmas Train by David Baldacci



I don’t normally profile (not review) books I haven’t read. I’ve had this on my kindle for years and keep saying “This Christmas.” Well, maybe must be the Christmas I read this! I’m not one of those for whom it just isn’t Christmas until I’ve seen It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stewart (though I absolutely LOVE the scene where Mrs. Bailey is shown as the town librarian because George was never born to marry her). This book is the “rest of the story.” The backstory and the after-story. The Last Temptation of Clarence Odbody by John Jughead Pierson

Jimmy xmasFormer President, Statesman and, as of this week, cancer survivor, Jimmy Carter has written two books of childhood memories. The first, An Hour Before Dailylight: Memories of a Rural Boyhood tells of his childhood in a Plains. Georgia that was more innocent than today, but not quite Mayberry. Today I’m recommending the “other” memoir–which goes beyond childhood to cover the ritual of his life: Christmas at home in Plains, Georgia with his family. No matter your thoughts on his politics, this is a nice read. Christmas in Plains by Jimmy Carter, illustrated by his daughter, artist Amy Carter.

Feel free to leave me a comment with other grown-up Christmas book recommendations. Romances, Humor, Drama, Memoir–they’re all welcome.




4 thoughts on “A few more grown-up Christmas books

  1. I had no idea there were so many Christmas books out there. It’s an entire library! We just put away all of our holiday DVDs at the library where I work – I had the same reaction with those – so many titles. I’m going to have to start early next year and read/watch a few!

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