Last Minute Shoppers Guide to the VERY Few Toys That Were Worth the $$$ at My House: Early Elementary Edition

Welcome, last minute Christmas Toy Shoppers! Please note that I do not make any money if you click on a link. Enjoy your stay and have a Merry Christmas.

slip n slide

It’s just plain impossible to go wrong with this toy, unless you live in the northern tip of Minnesota and want to give it for Christmas! My kids and our dog LOVED this. They would hurl themselves down it over and over. When they had amassed enough chest bruises for the day, they’d move on to the big blow up swimming pool. Best part for me? It was a gift! So cool to get to tell gift-givers that their gift was truly LOVED. The Slip -n-Slide, made my Wham-O has a variety of models to choose from. I think this was ours. Maybe better to buy it in summer unless you live in Tuscon. Buy it here. Buy a slip n slide here (not as shown).








I would like to give credit for photos–probably Mattel


Barbie’s mansion was another gift–it was outgrown by older cousins. It came with lots of Barbies and Kens and a fleet of Barbie VW bugs and a pink Ford Explorer. Our Barbies and those Barbie-sized G.I. Joes led quite a life. The gals all went off to work in the bugs and the guys drove around all day with the little kids in the back of the Explorer with the Stroller roped to the back. The kids got two of those Dad with stroller sets so there were twins. Best of all? Each of these, plus the cars, were gifts. Free. As were the GI Joes. Sadly, these exact toys seem to be collector’s items today. Naturally ours went to friends, Goodwill or church yard sales. You can find Barbie and her numerous friends, cars and houses just about anywhere that toys are sold.


Now we are to the toys I actually shelled out money to buy. Of them, this was at the very, very top of the list! Back in the day, my little kids loved to put on shows for me–usually on Friday or Saturday night. These were in near constant use as they practiced and performed. Interestingly enough, they did not lose or break them–something of a record for my kids. Total cost for 2? $2 at Dollar Tree. Maybe tax, too, I can’t remember. It’s called an Echo Mic.  Buy it here.



Mystery Machine & Mystery Solving Crew action figures are made by Charter Ltd.

I bought these toys to sooth broken hearts after an unwanted move to a new city. No, bribes such as this can’t heal a broken heart, but they can make long days shorter and help make friends in a new neighborhood and this one did both. We actually had two Scooby-s and two Shaggy-s because I also bought the set of “action figures” (why can’t the just be dolls??). I think all together I laid out about $30. Then on clearance at Target I found Scooby blankets for the car ($3 each if I recall) and Scooby lunch boxes ($2 each) also on clearance at Target. The lunch boxes helped with the new school.  All that summer this toy was constantly in use in our driveway–sometimes coupled with the Lincoln Logs–the modern suburban style one with the plastic roof. They were happy. Buy today’s version of the Mystery Machine here. By the Scooby and the gang action figures here.

Stuffed animals rated very, very high. So did those Scoopy things you throw a ball with (another Dollar Tree favorite) and the Bubble Sword Wands. Very cool. Try Dollar Tree again for those.

Yes, the Playstation Two was popular with my son. So popular in fact that I took the cord to get him to quit playing one day. He tried to “show” me and plugged in a different cord thereby blowing up the Playstation. This, of course, was after I blew up a tv I’d cut the plug off of to ALSO get him to stop playing. I got positives and negatives confused and blew up the t.v. Stick to real toys. Much better. Fewer battles for control. Cheaper, too.


I enjoy reading your comments!

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