What I’ve Been Reading: First Half of December Edition

My NaNoWriMo book went into extra innings so I haven’t read or listened to as many books as usual.


I have no idea why it took me so long to read this book. It is so wonderful! No wonderful in a cloying way, just, well, normal wonderful. When Louisa and Will meet she has accepted a job she doesn’t want and he’s planned his own death. So, how  does this add up to wonderful? Trust me, it does. Not a romance, but romantic fiction with the addition of extreme class consciousness, occasional posh speech and a Castle for a backdrop. So, what’s not to love?Very highly recommended to lovers of romantic fiction.I also enjoyed and reviewed her Ship of Brides. Me Before You by JoJo Moyes.



In October I attended Cincinnati’s Books By the Banks book festival and met, among others, author Kathy Cannnon Wiechman who signed a copy of this book for me. Leader and Paul meet in a field hospital during the Civil War, but become separated. Paul ends up at the notorious Confederate prison camp, Andersonville.  But memories remain sharp and there is an important secret to keep hidden. This middle grades books has it all–believable characters, well-researched history, plenty of suspense to keep the pages turning and more. An outstanding novel for any age Civil War enthusiast. Very highly recommended. Like A River by Kath Cannon Wiechman.

fatesAfter all the hyper-hype on this book, I felt like I’d read it before I began (not the author’s fault). Due to the over-hyper I can’t really. I listened to the audio version and found it slightly exhausting. I felt sorry for the wife, but then, too, I felt sympathy for the husband. I always tell myself “there’s two sides to every story” and never is this more true than with a marriage. I loved hearing both sides, but wish I’d read it in the print version. I look forward to more of Lauren Groff’s writing. Highly recommended. Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff.

What have you enjoyed reading so far this month? Leave me a comment with the details.




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