Competitive Reading: Wrapping up 2015’sReading Challenges and Announcing 2016’s Challenge


I often say my favorite sport is competitive reading (oh that it was competitive proof-reading!). I love pouring over book lists to see how many I’ve read. I enjoy Reading Challenges like the two above (the one of the left is from a marvelous blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy–please visit her when you are done reading here). Earlier this year I posted a two-year personal Reading Challenge based, in part, on the awesome Ambleside Online homeschool curriculum (No, I am not paid to tell you that, but here’s another link showing their conference).




(Sorry about the image quality–if I figure out how to save this properly I’ll re-insert it.)


Leave me a comment with any challenges your’ve done or are planning to do in 2016. You can also leave me your email and which category you’d like suggestions on and I’ll send you some appropriate book titles (links).






I enjoy reading your comments!

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