Last-Minute Books for the Foodies on your list–there’s still time!

I’m sort of a foodie. Sort of because I love to cook, have yet to find a cuisine I don’t enjoy something from and am blessed to live near Cincinnati and Jungle Jim’s fabulous International Markets. Those, plus my “How the heck did it get out here?” super-deluxe Kroger make life possible. So, it’s no surprise I hope, that foodie books and cookbooks are among the “Good Things” of my life. Here are a  few suggestions for last minute gifts. Some are new, one I haven’t actually seen, others are a bit older and I’ve already enjoyed. You can pick what pleases the recipient. All should be worth the cost of last-minute shipping if you can’t find them locally. In the Cincinnati and Tri-State area, I recommend Joseph Beth Booksellers.

Foodie Books That Happen to Have Recipes


Susan Herrmann Loomis is an American who moved to France and stayed. Her writing is as wonderful as her food. It really doesn’t matter if you grab this book–one of her newest–of one of the older ones, all are equally wonderful. Taking a “Live & In Person” cooking course with her is a bucket list item for about any foodie. In a French Kitchen by Susan Herrmann Loomis. Her blog and website are here.


berlinkI read this little gem when it came out a few years back. I loved the recipes I tried, too. Berlin is a touch hispter so that adds to the coolness, right?  Works for me! This is one of two books read that same month that “spoke” to me so strongly I sort-of “live tweeted” reading them, albeit on Facebook. I wasn’t then using Twitter.  I understood her longing for food, for the scents of food. I can still bring back to my mind the exact scent of my grandmother’s spice cabinet–the scent, still today, of “home” to me. My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss. She can also be found at her great blog,  The Wednesday Chef.



I haven’t yet read this one–I found it on Seattle’s fabulous Elliott Bay Book Comapny’s  recommendations. (And, yes, a  visit to this place is definitely on that same Bucket List.) Chef Renee Erickson  runs some of Seattle’s hottest restaurants and nowhere is more hispter on this Earth than Seattle, right? The food sounds so amazing I want to go to some discount site and get a flight to the coast right this minute! A Boat, a Whale and a Walrus by Renee Erickson.


dinnLvWhen you reach that point where dragging one or more cranky day-care frustrated children out to eat is just not worth the price of the mediocre chain restaurant dinner that is putting you close to both homelessness and obesity, this is the book you turn to. This is about family lifestyle–not just food. This is about food that adults can love but that children will eat.  The Whole Wheat Spagehetti with Carmalized Onions and Spinach is now my other go-to meal when alone (after big salads)–its easy and great and one grown up child loves it almost as much as I do. Do not skip this book if you have a young family with parents who used to love food before the first baby arrived. They can use this book to reclaim much more than mere dinner. Dinner a Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach. Her blog has the same name.

Have any other suggestions? Feel free to leave them in the comments section so others may enjoy them, too.



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