Books I Hope to See On Screen

I’ve written about books that make me imagine the cast as I’m reading, but there are books that I just hope make it to the movie screen. That is, make it to the screen without being ruined or altered too dramatically. Here are a few recent nonfiction books that I want to see become movies. No clue about the casting on these (well, with a few exceptions). And, I’m sorry if I’ve missed any movie deals that would mean these are already on their way to the screen.



Think of this as an all woman “True Grit.” This nonfiction story has courage, heart, strength determination and just a pinch of that old annoyance, “spunk.” It’s a fabulous story that reads like a novel and could easily be adapted into a movie or Masterpiece series. Nothing Daunted: The Unexpected Education of Two Society Girls in the West by Dorothy Wickenden. My review.





An icon of American history–the pink suit with the pillbox hat that Jackie Kennedy wore in Dallas on the day her husband was killed–is the centerpiece of this little book. This books has an good crew of characters, an interesting backstory and would appeal to retro fasionistas, history lovers, and lovers of haute couture. The Pink Suit by Nicole Mary Kelby.  My review.







War stories usually focus on soldiers. This one focuses on a young woman in the French resistance who helps an American pilot. I do wonder about the cast for this one. Somehow Sophie Winkleman (aka Lady Frederick Windsor, aka Queen Susan of Narnia comes to my mind).  Girl in the Blue Beret by Bobbie Ann Mason.  My review.






What Bridget Jones was to single women, Marie Sharp is women nearly arrived at AARP membership, or should I say OAP status since it’s a British book? This diary novel lends itself beautifully to the screen. Fans of the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel will love it.  No! I Don’t Want to Join A Book Club: Diary of a 60th Year by Virginia Ironside.  My review. Good news, there’s a sequel. Can you say Excellent TV Series? I sure hope so!



YearEMy Year With Eleanor by Noelle Hancock. I must be honest and say I didn’t really like the book. Nothing wrong with the writing–it was great, just didn’t “work” for me. But boy, oh, boy would it work as a film! Please let Meryl Streep and Amy Adams work together again like in Julie & Julia. They were marvelous–plus how fun to see Meryl Streep play Eleanor–the arch-liberal after playing The Iron Lady!. This book would be FUN on screen–flash backs to Eleanor, current day life. I could see modern day Noelle arriving at the Roosevelt’s twin Brownstones back in the day and having imperious Sarah Delano Roosevelt swoon at the sight of very modern day Noelle in a mini skirt and over-the-knee stockings!! Like a Doctor Who episode. I could then imagine Eleanor in hat, gloves, pearls, visiting Noelle in modern- day. Imagine Eleanor doing some of the things with Noelle that Noelle feared. Eleanor, ahead of history, jumping from a plane would sure be a hoot! That would be GREAT on screen. Come on, give it a shot someone!

Leave me a comment with any books you’d like to see on the screen. I love to hear from you.







I enjoy reading your comments!

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