Big Book Love and Just Right for PBS Masterpiece

I love big, sprawling novels. Huge historical family sagas make me happier than Christmas! This one has it all, plus loads of suspense as well.

KingGenI’m sure my Facebook friends grew weary of over-the-moon-in-love-so-totally-swooning over this book! Honor Harris and Richard Grenville, the King’s General in the West, are caught up in the English Civil war. Richard, a rapscallion of the highest order, is the love of Honor’s life. A man’s man to the core, Richard bears his own version of true allegiance to his lady. The rough times of the war, the rough and ready personality of Richard, the unconditional love Honor holds for him, all create one of the most memorable love stories ever. Daphne Du Maurier, author of Rebecca, and wife of World War II General “Boy” Browning, weaves a web of almost fatal love and attraction that is not to be missed. I seldom buy fiction, but I ordered bought this one and will be re-reading it for years to come. The King’s General by Daphne Du Maurier. (Note: This review appeared on my old blog, in slightly different form.)

More than that, this book has the sweeping majesty, the so-perfect-Rule-Britannia-God-is-an-Englishman aspect that makes it a perfect fit–by divine right! on PBS Masterpiece I personally pictured Sean Connery as Richard, but couldn’t decide who to cast as Honor. I’m sure Sir Sean is a bit too old for the part, but in mind mind he’s always as he was in the first Bond films.  Everything in this book–the characters, the time, the locations, the nail-biting drama all just smack of Emmy/Bafta winning costume drama.


2 thoughts on “Big Book Love and Just Right for PBS Masterpiece

  1. sjbraun

    This sounds good — I have wanted to read Rebecca for years, and haven’t even gotten to it yet. Sigh … so many books, so little time!


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