Best Business Books Read in 2015


Yes, I know! I know! I’m recycling content. Don’t worry there’s brand new stuff coming this week! But I would fail as a book blogger if I didn’t dutifully report my “Best of’s”…..

Although I no longer work in the private sector, I still follow a lot of business news out of force-of-years-of-habit. Business books–some of which cross over into self-help for the solo entrepreneur or time-challenged executive are often helpful to more than just the intended audience.

And, like much of America, I’ve enjoyed seeing what those amazing success icons–Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg–took time to read as well. Yes, there is overlap here.

Best Business Book of 2015


As a full-time employee, an almost empty-nester, and a writer, I’m always looking for better ways to use my time. Lately that’s been hibernating under the covers as much as possible! Last week author Laura Vanderkam’s email hit offering me a spot in her time study. I immediately signed up. Once, long, long ago at the very start of my working life, my boss wrote “Let’s the work fill the time.” I got the message, but then I got dinged for finishing too quickly! You just can’t win with some bosses.

Last summer I eagerly read her book, I Know How She Does it (in part because I LOVED the novel, I Don’t Know How She Does it).  This book sets out to decide if women really can have it “all” and have it all at the same time. Any working women on the planet–well, really, any working person, period–can benefit from this book.  While reading it I dutifully logged my time–easy for me after years and years in law firms. So this week, I’m doing the time log again to see just how shocking is the amount of time I waste daily, weekly and monthly. Like many in winter, I need a kick in the you-know-what to keep from sleeping all the time–or at least dawdling and slacking. This book helps you see what is possible in your life if you DON’T slack, dawdle and sleep.

While nominally aimed at Moms with little kids, those of us in the sandwich generation with young adults and aging parents need it just as badly. As does…well…just about anyone with a phone or a social media account.  I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderham. My review.

Other Great Business Books Read in 2015

creativityincHow Pixar came to be and how it built a franchise of amazingly successful computer-generated-animated films is only part of this story.

I like to hear how success happens. Reading how successful people think, create, fail and recover from failure has helped me tremendously in life. I’m one of those lucky few that in some areas of my life at least I can learn from others.

This story is told in such an engaging way (I listened to it on my commute) that even the business book-newbie can find a ton of take-aways here. Creativty, Inc by Ed Catmill. My Review.



TED Talks are a regular part of my on-going self-education. One such talk was the catalyst I needed to do a well-reviewed conference presentation and another made me rethink much of my life, so you can see they are worth the time. Now TED Books are out, so if you don’t enjoy listening to highly charged speakers, you can read a similar discussion in a nice small book.

Hands up if you ever really believed multi-tasking was how to give something your best shot? Your only shot, perhaps (If you haven’t read Laura Vanderkam’s book above) but “best?” No one does their best while multi-tasking.  No One. Happily I learned this in a required psych-experiment in college years and years ago. White noise, changing background color and try to identify words as they flash on the screen? My score was blind and deaf person, if I remember correctly?

The sub-tittle of this book is the Big Impact of Small Changes. Those are manageable changes. Things that stand a chance of becoming a good work-day habit. Give it a read. It’s small, but with big messages. Beyond Measure by Margaret Heffernan. My review.

What business books did you read in 2015? Leave a recommendation in the comments. I love to hear from you.


I enjoy reading your comments!

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