Cross-Generational Romance in Film: “Morganne” of Anne of Avonlea

“Morganne”–Morgan Harris and Anne Shirley http://anneofgreengables.wikia.com/wiki/File:1987AnneMorganBall.jpg

When I was growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s a lot of classics were out-of-style. One such classic was the Anne of Green Gables series. We may have had an excerpt of two in our “Readers,” but I honestly have no memory of them in school.  I discovered them as an adult by watching Megan Follows in the “Anne” series of the late 1980s. Imagine my dismay then, when about 7 years ago I listened to the entire book series on my commute and discovered that Morgan Harris….well….he isn’t there.  No wonderful cross-generational romance and no sweet daughter Emmeline and her battle with her glasses! I fell so hard for Morgan Harris! I felt cheated! Certainly Lucy Maud Montgomery was rolling in her grave protesting the butchery to her book that was his omission from the audio version. Nope. He’s not there. Oh the Pringles were there, the posh girls school was there, but no make-you-forget-old-Gilbert-romance with the blustery-but-adoring Morgan and his fabulous crinkling eyes.

Morgan Harris http://anne.sullivanmovies.com/articles/fashion-friday-what-characters-fashion-sense-do-you-like-best/

As a sucker for a true love match between an older man and a younger woman, I’ve watched this part of the t.v. series many times. The fiery young Anne, ready to take on the world, shakes the lonely tycoon out of his business obsession and the sparks just fly. We all know she loves Gilbert, but it had such promise! Heck the guy had his own train car and an automobile and he looked really good in a white straw hat for gosh sakes! Those eyes crinkled divinely and you know, you just know, he had a hairy chest. Morgan Harris would never wax his chest. What was Anne Shirley thinking???  She was thinking of Gilbert and the Island of course. And probably a little bit on the “he’ll always have his nose in the Wall Street Journal and he’ll probably want a telephone installed upstairs in our mansion and have a stock-ticker in the bedroom” sort of thing. Plus, I just don’t see Anne putting up with cigar smoke and whiskey glasses in the bedroom either. But gosh he’d have been lovely in his one piece sleeveless, broadcloth summer union suit. Fan, please? Wave it over here.

“Andith” of Downton Abbey Credit: ITV I want to give credit.

I was pleased to learn that while many viewers felt as strongly against sweet Morgan as die-hard Di-freaks feel about Camilla, other viewers are like me. In fact, there is FanFiction from folks who ‘Ship this couple as the “One True Pairing”–like “Andith” (that’s all Tumblr Speak for those not in the know. Andith is Downton’s Lady Edith and Sir Anthony–another torch I still carry). FanFiction is just what it says–the story continues as written by fans of the couple. Name a fictional pair and Tumblr or other web sites have FanFiction about them. I could write a whole new series on Morganne as I call them (that’s the Tumblr way to name a couple as an OTP). (And I did write a whole series for Andith–honesty–and my story totally beat Julian’s. Just sayin….Andith Forever).

[Thank you to fenellamelford on YouTube]

In addition to FanFiction, fans post tribute videos on YouTube with video clips and music to accompany, or in place of, FanFiction. I was delighted to see the video above made for Morganne.

Do you have a favorite Cross-Generational Romance? Tell me about it! Link to your FanFiction, Tumblr, Youtube Video or website that honors them. I love to read and watch such tributes to our favorite fictional lovers.



2 thoughts on “Cross-Generational Romance in Film: “Morganne” of Anne of Avonlea

  1. The whole fan fiction concept is so fun — that people now have an avenue to pursue interests like these 🙂 Honestly I had forgotten Morgan in the Anne movies — but I do remember him now; yes, he was charming. Interesting about the Anne books being “out of style” when we were in school. I don’t remember them either. I’ve only read the first, but somehow it just didn’t grab me (and I know the series has many, many fans). Maybe I need to read more of them? I LOVED the PBS series and remember even showing some to my 6th graders (back then we were allowed to show movies sometimes in class ;)).


  2. Out-of-style and we missed a lot. I recall when Little House came on tv I read the first book in my folks copy of Reader’s Digest! I’m not an Anne-fanatic. I did LOATHE the insane final movie in this series, but I agree that they held true to the “spirit” (except that last one) of LMM’s books, if not the “letter.” FanFiction is a blast–I was struck by how many similar images there were of Andith and Morganne. But Morgan didn’t have Sir Anthony’s lovely blue eyes or his messy library!


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