Some snow stories for your weekend

With a blizzard threatening much of the East Coast, those of you shut-in might like to revisit a few other “snow days.” Here, for your snow-bound reading pleasure, are four of my all-time favorite snow books.


Imagine sending your kids to school and never seeing them again! No one-hour delay, no “snow days” no “blizzard bags” of make-up homework, just send the kids to school and, due to snow, they never make it home. How cheery you say? This book is riveting! It’s the sort of non-fiction that novel-lovers drool over. The Children’s Blizzard by David Laskin





No modern day power-outage or other first world snow problem quite matches up to what the Ingall’s family endured in Pa’s storefront building that Long Winter. Twisting hay for fuel anyone? Grinding wheat by hand? Snow on your quilt in the morning? This is the sort of tale that can make all of us into Preppers at the broadcast of a winter storm warning. Stuck inside with the kiddos and ready to run the PlayStation over with the mini-van? Read this one aloud. They will listen!  The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder.


For those of you stuck inside with really little kiddos–here are a few snowy day classics. Good news! You can download them on kindle, too!



Kids and their parents often view snow very differently. This classic, so revered I think I recall it from Captain Kangaroo! At any rate it was read to me many, many times in my 60’s childhood. My kids loved it in the early 2000’s. [Note: The kindle cover is different. This is the original.] White Snow Bright Snow by Alvin Tresselt.






No picture book captures snow quite like Ezra Jack Keats’ classic The Snowy Day. A remarkable story of city in a snow storm seen thru the wondering eyes of a child.




Please feel free to share other titles in the comments. I love to hear about books others enjoy.


I enjoy reading your comments!

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