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Reading Across the USA: Oregon


Previously I’ve written about tracking the books I’ve finished in Reading Around the World. (And here, too.)Today I’m beginning a look at those I’ve finished in Reading Across the USA–with a caveat. I’m skipping those books in New York City and Los Angeles. America needs more books set in other locations and more published writers who have never lived in either place. I gag on the phrase “the heartland,” and sick-to-death of “the Bible belt,” and want to gag the person who coined the oh-so-precious “Red State” and “Blue State” moniker, because how a state votes doesn’t really tell all.

IfIstayTo start us off I’ve picked one of the hippest places on Earth–Oregon and a genre I don’t often read: Young Adult. But, let me tell you, this is a novel to savor. That it has a sequel is even better. And, did I mention? It is zombie- and vampire-free? No one eats their young. There are no dystopian elements–at least not by my definition.

Gayle Foreman is a master storyteller! The world of music and teens–superb canvas. Characters? Completely believeable. Dialog? Real LIfe. I loved this. Loved the sequel. Just read it!


If I Stay and the sequel, Where She Went, by Gayle Foreman.


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