Be my Valentine? A Week of Crushes!

First let me say that I loathe the word “crush, ” but it does communicate to readers what the series is about. Men, fictional or otherwise, who I find attractive. Now the taste in men of straight, 54-year old Midwestern librarian, may leave others puzzled. It’s simple: My blog, my post series, my taste! Hope you enjoy the view.



Today’s crush is Clark Gable as Rhett Butler. I had this poster on my bedroom wall in high school. What’s not to love? Talk, dark, handsome, charming, and…has a very manly, very hairy chest. He looks great with a cigar and wears ruffled shirts in a way that doesn’t scream 70’s prom date. Never mind that he had false or, at least, capped teeth. Nor that his romantic partners in film claimed he had bad breath. This is THE KING. We ignore that. Never mind that Gable really only played Gable–it worked.

If you enjoyed him as Rhett, you’ll like him in Magambo and Teacher’s Petboth are CrossGenerational Romances as Gone With The Wind is. And, you’ll like him in an early hit, It Happened One Night. I did not like The Misfits–his last film, the one with Marilyn Monroe. I also love seeing him in World War II in his cool Air Corps uniform, complete with rakishly rumpled hat (or is it a cover? Never sure with the Air Corps/Air Force).


One thought on “Be my Valentine? A Week of Crushes!

  1. I’ll enjoy these! No worries about capped teeth; I bet most stars of today have them too. Your comment on the ruffled shirt cracks me up!


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