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Be My Valentine–Day Two of my Crushes! A Fictionalized History Crush


Richard Grenville! You vex women’s souls, you fictional rogue! 

History is the true love of my life, so it stands to figure that I have a few ‘history crushes.’ And, when one of those has been brought to life by a writer as utterly amazing as Daphne Du Maurier…well, Be. Still. My. Achy-Breaky. Heart. and, please crank up that A.C.!! Hot flashin’ Mama here! Just thinking the words Richard Grenville….no need to sing “Come on baby light my fire–” more like “Call 9-1-1.”

King's GeneralBack in the days of the other Civil War–the English one, The King’s General, aka Richard Grenville stormed the country. In Du Maurier’s tale he has a romance for the centuries with Honor Harris. To say more would be to spoil the book for you. Yes, it is longer than the Book Club mandated 300 pages, but is it ever worth it. It’s your favorite Dancing With the Stars Couple, plus your favorite Romantic Movie, plus a big does of manly man all rolled into one. Cue “Lady In Red” and “Natural Woman” and whatever other romantic music you need, plus the moody suspense that only Du Maurier could write. But be prepared to sit your horse thru the most rollicking Grand National ever!!! Richard takes us all for quite a ride.


ITV, the BBC and/or PBS need to put this one on the screen. It’s the Borgias without the raunchy sex (and, sadly, without Jeremy Irons), it’s Downton Abbey of the 1600s. I loved this book so much I’m still having hot flashes for Richard. I’m still weepy that I  finished it. This is not a soppy love story–this is a fictional world! You are inside the minds of Richard and Honor. You are living IN the English Civil War.

The photo on the right shows Daphne Du Maurier and her husband, the dashing World War II General Frederick “Boy” Browning and their children–one of whom, Tessa, would later marry the son of World War II’s legendary Field Marshall Montgomery (aka “Monty”).

To learn more about the English Civil War, click here

To read more about the real King’s General, click here

To order the book (I do not make any money off your clicks) click here




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