Be My Valentine! Day 3 of Crushes: Hey Girl!


No clue how to give credit for a Meme. Tell me and I’ll do it. I try to give credit.


Granted, I’m old enough to be Ryan Gosling’s Mom (he was born when I was 18 after all), but I have a crush on the Hey Girl Ryan. Not Ryan Gosling, the actor, you understand, but his alter-ego. Especially when he’s being all sweet about reading and crafting, teaching, homeschooling and other girly-stuff. So, today I give you the most crush-worthy Hey Girl memes featuring Ryan Gosling.

In the memes Ryan is every girl’s dream boy friend. He loves to go to Michael’s and shop for craft supplies. He understands just how demanding being a teacher can be. He is supportive of librarians. He adores talking about all the available homeschool curricula ever developed.


Ryan is supportive, patient and adoring. Ryan is that guy who is so hopelessly in love with his girl friend that, though his eyes twinkle with laughter and his lip curls almost to a smile, he just goes on listening and adoring. Even when the wife/girl friend the Meme is addressed to cancels cable for Netflix for homeschooling documentaries and he has to skip the Super Bowl. He’s a fantasy.

The Ryan of Hey Girl loves his girl friend’s body shape, her clothing style and never complains, never wants her to try a new look or wear stripper shoes or hooker tights. He does do rude things like belch. He lives to give a back rub and ONLY a back rub, in spite of a few glimmers to the contrary.

Here then are a few of my very favorite Hey Girls:


Ryan UNDERSTANDS us. He years for the same things we yearn for–time for crafts, favorite girly t.v. shows–he cried watching Season 3 of Downton Abbey–coffee and yoga pants. He supports our dreams. He isn’t always grabbing a girl’s butt or luring her into sex by fixing her a bubble bath. If Ryan fixed a bubble bath, he’d sit down and read Jane Austen aloud while a girl soaked–in candlelight. He’d feed her fine chocolates or hold the glass so she could sip cold champagne or brew her favorite hot tea. He’d have the towels fluffing in the drier and put out HER favorite nightie for her. There’d be chocolates on the neatly turned down bed and a rose on her nightstand. And, he’d smile and simply say “Good night” and mean it. Did I mention he’d make sure those bed linens had antique lace and embroidery?


Ryan embraces our faith, glories in our crafts and is all about us! He’s a fantasy, a dream, and a good giggle. He’s the other side of the great lummox we really love–the one who thinks Wings are a food group, that his junior high briefs still fit and that “sexy” is coming to bed in t-shirt that isn’t from Hooters. But while ladies swoon over Ryan, they know he’s an internet crush. He’s the guy we occasionally wish for, but know we’ll never get because he’s no more real than that Highlander in those free romance novels.

And, when Ryan does show his “guy” side, it’s too adorable for words. He doesn’t stick his “gun” in his girl’s back and say “check it out…..” Unlike real guys, who cringe at their own awkward attempts to translate guy needs into girl-approved speak, Ryan just knows how to phrase things so they are “hot” and not “gross.” HIS girlfriend/wife always wants to say “yes, ” because he just gets it–he speaks the language (yes, that pun about getting it was intended). Now, if only there were “Ryan classes” for real boyfriends! (We won’t ruin the mood by imagining men writing a “girlfriend” class…..)


So, today I give you Hey Girl’s Ryan–the ultimate fantasy boy friend/husband.

I enjoy reading your comments!

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