Be My Valentine–Favorite RomCom Crush

I love a fun romantic comedy. If I had to chose just one, hands down it would be Charles, aka, Hugh Grant in Four Weddings and A Funeral (but, Tom–aka James Fleet–in the same film is a close runner-up).

Credit: Four Weddings and a Funeral

Poor Charles falls instantly for the luscious Carrie. She rescues him from a bore and revs his pulse at every turn. Then she marries the “stiff in the skirt”–a doomed-from-the -start marriage that is not only cross-generational, but cross-cultural and with a politician. Watching poor Charles cope with this is so sad and so sweet. He’s so duffy and adorable. I especially love the table of girl-friends-past who gang up on him at one of the weddings. His pain is palpable. His over-sharing in the past comes out in cringe-worthy retellings by the various ex-girlfriends with whom he has deliberately been seated.

 I love the whole movie–so much fun. I love the end credits with all the happy endings. [Tom is the guy with the huge house, by the way. I also love the scene where he explains how his family ranks in terms of national wealth. He’s my kind of aristocrat. And, finally,  I adore Scarlett–the girl in the cowboy hat, she’s simply marvelous.]

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