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Royals in love: A look back and a new look!

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70 Years on and these two are still an “item.” That has to be inspirational for the grandchildren, even if it wasn’t for three of their four children, right?

Who doesn’t enjoy a good love story?  And when it involves royalty, all the better, I say!

This year there are TWO royal couples about to head to the altar!

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First, His Royal Hotness Prince Henry David Albert Charles, aka Prince Harry, is now engaged to actress Meghan Markle. This is a very quick romance by modern royal standards.

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Second, Princess Eugenie Victoria Helena of York, is engaged to Mr. Jack Brooksbank

We’re all used to these two–they are a royal Love Story in capital letters, aren’t they?

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In days past, different eras have had different manners.  For example when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip married in 1947 there was no kiss on the balcony! Even farther back in time many royal couples look like strangers to each other in their engagement or wedding photos. They weren’t, it was simply that the manners of the time took photographs to be a very serious and formal occasion. In really by-gone days those being photographed had to hold a rigid pose for a while, too, making spontaneous smiles and whatnot a bit too much effort. Here then are a few great royal love stories in photos, as well as one cute story without a photo. First the story.



King George V and Queen Mary were a true royal love story–in spite of the extreme distance between them in their wedding photograph. The photo on the right shows the results of their love story–six children. It’s the youngest, Prince John (in the dress–yes little boys wore dresses in that day–approximately 1908), who supplies the story. Legend has it that one day George returned home and bent down to kiss his wife as any husband would. Johnny, today thought to likely be autistic, piped up with something like “Ugh–He kissed Mama, horrid old man!” Personally, I hope George kissed her again for good measure and that they laughed about that outburst for years to come.

Now for a few sweet photographs of other royal love stories.



These two are just the sweetest royal couple of the Victoria Era–aren’t they? This is Queen Victoria’s grandson, Prince Henry (Heinrich) of Prussia–brother of Kaiser Wilhlem II of World War I fame. His wife is Princess Irene of Hesse–sister of both Prince Philip’s grandmother, Princess Victoria, and of the last Tzarina of Russia, Alexandra. Henry and Irene are simply adorable together. They were Pinterest-worthy before there was universal electricity, let alone the internet!


I think the Hesse family must have had love in their genes. Here is Irene’s sister, Alix and her husband Tzar Nicholas II. There’s was a love story for the ages–nothing “arranged” about it. Such a sad ending, but they adored each other. This is perhaps my all-time favorite kissing picture. This will no doubt shock a few young adults in my life as I am always complaining about sharing too many of those! Go on–pin the photo! Let’s get a Nicky & Alix pose craze going!!

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    1. The Lost Prince was on Masterpiece about Johnny. A lot is fiction but it’s a fabulous show. 1 silly moment over George’s tattoos & an appalling portrayal of Tzarina Alexandra but still a lovely costume drama.


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