Women’s History Month–Self-help books for women, by women

Ok, so these can also be used by men, but let’s be honest–they are aimed at women. Each of these have helped, or are helping,  me in my own life and I have recommended them to others over the years.


This book changed everything for me! I found it on an e-book sale, put it off, finally got to it and wish I’d read it the day I bought it. This is the book I now recommend for any woman with a career dream–whether it’s growing and selling your own lavender or opening a small design shop or writing that great American novel (which was my thing!), best-selling author Claire Cook is now doing “reinvent yourself” seminars based, more-or-less, on this book. She gives tons of useful advice and gives great stories of other women and their success. While aimed at those in mid-life or beyond everything in this applies to any age and can certainly be used by men, too. Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Reinvention by Claire Cook.



This book grew out of one of my all-time-favorite bloggers, Rhonda  Hetzel of Down to Earth. Though based in Australia, Rhonda’s wise words on simple living resonate with women everywhere who are feeling too rushed, too processed, too “Material Girl” for their liking. There are forums to participate in and her second book, The Simple Home, is out now, too. So many great things here, but the Weekend Reading feature has long been a favorite–she gives links to good posts and articles. Her recipes are nice too and her crafts inspire me to do something once in a while. Down to Earth: A Guide to Simple Living by Rhonda Hetzel. Note: In Australia the books are available via more outlets.




This classic on relationships helped me get my life (and personality) back long ago. So many of the young women I know need to read this book. It spells it out clearly. Women Who Love Too Much …. by Robin Norwood–because he won’t change.






An international best-seller that grew out of an epiphany at the dishwasher? You bet I’m interested. The Happiness Project really did help me to get a better grip on happiness. No sordid details–this isn’t Oprah’s blog, but it really did help. Her first book (which I read second) also helped. The Happiness Project and Happier at Home both by Gretchen Rubin.






It seems so quaint now, in the world of Pinterest and great blogs like I’m An Organizing Junkie, but back in the day (1980s) before Professional Organizer meant something other than organizing trade unions, a BOOK–yes a book, taught me about household organization! If you are overwhelmed by Pinterest and not into blogs, the most recent update of this book is even better than the original in the picture. That original one made a such a difference in my first house! Wow! Having not grown up with “a place for everything and everything in its place” I had no idea how freeing it was to have a place for, say, unused hangers. Peace reigned. Confessions of a Happily Organized Family by Deniece Schoefield.(Note, I’ve linked to the new version, but there are plenty of copies of the old one still around if you prefer.)



Are you sick and tired of never having time alone? Never getting to do something you want to do? Do you really want to develop the actual career you want rather than the one you have? Then this book is for you. I read it, applied it and was shocked at the time I really did have in my day. Mind you, I’m a Mom only to two kids now out of high school, so I may be in an age range that can actually use the time they identify. But don’t give up! Read this, listen to it, whatever, but get your hands on it and apply it. I Know How She Does It by Laura Vanderkam


This Just In! I received this one last night–brand new, hot off the presses!



In. Love. Wow! Love the illustrations –even more than the photos! I’ll let the editor of Cosmo speak for this one: “Who better to help you channel your inner Audrey Hepburn … than Rachel Roy?“Just Wow. Goosebumps.

I’ve been working on reinventing myself post-kids. My children are young adults now, out of high school, working, going to college from home, but I’m free of Mom duties for the most part. I’m building my writing career–thanks in no small part from Claire Cook’s encouraging book after carving out time using Laura’s method and organizing and simplifying  my life with help from Deniece and Rhonda. The last component is getting back into decent shape and finding a style that works for the next decade or two of my life.

So, what a classy way to wind up Women’s History Month and my look at the style icon’s of the 1950’s than with a quote about a brand new book that ties it all together? I’ll be reviewing this one in depth after I’ve read it, but for now I’m happily swooning thru the beauty of it. Design Your Life: Creating Success Through Personal Style, by Rachel Roy.




Feel free to let me know how any of these books have helped you–or come back after reading one and tell me. I love to get comments!

2 thoughts on “Women’s History Month–Self-help books for women, by women

  1. It was motivational just reading this! I’m really impressed by your gusto and dedication in reinventing yourself. I know you will do great things! I sometimes too think of the days before the internet, pinterest, etc. We sure have come a long way. At the risk of sounding cliche, you go, girl!

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