The Royal Family in Picture Books

Unless you’ve been a hermit lately, you likely know that Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (that’s “England” to folks here) is turning 90 on the 21st. To celebrate this milestone a new picture book is out featuring the Queen and the two best-known of her five great-grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge–i.e. Wills & Kate’s kids.51-v-WpCOeL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_

This book is being touted all over the place and it’s easy to see why–it’s adorable. With a white haired Queen, adorable corgis and little George and Charlotte, it’s a winner from cover-to-cover. Will the Queen at last find the “right” crown for her birthday? Read it and see. The Birthday Crown by Davide Cali and Kate Slate. Here’s a link to one of the news stories on the book so you can see more.




Coming out in May, in time for Princess Charlotte’s first birthday, this cute story tells of a group of children who find Charlotte’s teddy bear which she tossed from her pram. Here’s a link to a news story that talks about it.


I don’t think the Queen, as mother of four, grandmother of eight and currently great-grandmother of  6, would be shocked that little children are curious about what type undies famous people wear. While I can’t see her, as ex-daughter-in-law Sarah Ferguson once did, explaining the workings of the very, very antique toilets at Windsor Castle, I think she probably took in her stride one odd day on the Royal Round. She arrived to see an elementary school (as part of documentary even) in which the classroom was bedecked with clothes lines to which little children’s renderings of her “knickers” (panties) were attached! They’d been reading the book, The Queen’s Knickers, you see!

Over the years, Queen Victoria’s undies have come up for sale and newspapers report in shock the waist measurement of the garment. Had they bothered to care they’d see that the garment was meant to gather at the waits like a petticoat or skirt. Queen Victoria’s wildly out-of-style Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Granny-Panties are featured in another cute book, Queen Victoria’s Knickers.


After all these years, few accessories are as recognizable as Queen Elizabeth II’s purse. It’s never changed style, though she occasionally has been seen with a clutch bag for evenings and once, ONCE, tried a shoulder bag in the 60s. The Queen is also one of the few women around who still wears hats (and headscarves, too, for that matter). The hat helps her be “seen” and never hides her face. It is always coordinated with her matching dress (or suit) and coat. These two delightful books are wonderful chases thru London and elsewhere in search of blown away hat and purse swiped by, of all things, a swan! But, Her Maj gets a 007-worthy Astin Martin to chase that purse in though, so how cool is THAT?  The Queen’s Hat and The Queen’s Handbag.

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty! Here’s to many more years to reign o’er UK, if not over us!

2 thoughts on “The Royal Family in Picture Books

  1. Love these! I love the first one, which I’d seen articles on, but the others were new to me. I must need grandkids. I want all of these, and I also bought some of Gymboree’s Little Golden Books outfits for no reason at all 🙂 I just love CUTE things 🙂

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