A Forthcoming Book Not to Miss!


I was fortunate enough to win a copy of a forthcoming novel and today I’m reviewing it for you. I love Lisa Scottoline’s essays–written with her daughter Francesca Serritella, but until now, I’d never read one of her novels. Big Mistake! I’ll be reading them from now on, I’m sure. If Most Wanted, her newest book coming out April 12, is any indication I know I will enjoy them.

Most Wanted begins with a familiar story–infertility. How many women are devastated by this? Too many in my own circle of friends alone, that’s how many. Teacher Christine Nilsson is finally expecting–having been artificially inseminated by donor sperm. Her husband, Marcus, is not yet at peace with that choice. It’s a blow to his manhood–especially when his father “accidentally” impregnates his own second, “trophy” wife. Ugh.  Suddenly, just as the pregnancy is seeming “real” to Christine, a serial killer is shown on tv and Christine recognizes the face–it’s that of Sperm Donor 3319.

Imagine finding out, after the happiest days of your life, that the child you’ve so longed for is the child of serial killer? Christine, though, is a teacher. She’s used to solving problems. And boy does she! With the moxie of Nancy Drew, and without the car disasters of Stephanie Plum, Christine ferrets out the answer to her dilemma using grit, determination and common sense. That’s she’s also used to dragging information out of reluctant kids comes in handy, too. And, NO!, I did not guess the ending! To me, that’s the test of a great thriller!

Don’t miss this one! It’s was edge-of-the-seat all the way! Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline, available for pre-order now. And when you finish that one, pick up her fun mother-daughter essays, like Does This Beach Make Me Look FatBecause….BRADLEY COOPER! And a crazy corgi–what’s not to love?






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