Royal play time: Toys and other fun

Anyone can make a paper crown or buy a toy tiara. That’s, well, kid’s stuff. Today we’re looking at the serious issue of playing royal. Not fairy princess. Certainly not Disney princesses. Let’s take a look at all the glorious Royal play stuff out there….

George Doll

You’ve gotta love The Danbury Mint. Where else could you buy a realistic Prince George doll wearing a finely tailored romper suit (though tecnhically, that’s an overall, not a romper–whatever, their word–not mine). And, available in easy monthly installments?? This is no ordinary doll–it’s beautifully sculpted, after all! Toddler Prince George Doll.

Mattel Barbie


A Barbie and Ken version of the Royal Wedding is just what any playroom should have these days. After all, glossy hair appreciation can’t be left till Junior High or High School any more. And, while Ken, I mean William, is sporting a remarkably full head of hair, its close enough for fabulous hours of pretend royal weddings. Too bad there’s no toy vintage Astin Martin for them to ride away in. The old hand-me-down Barbie VW Bug just isn’t as good, is it? These are only available now on Ebay and similar sites.


Who doesn’t need an entire battalion of stuffed corgis to play with? There are countless others in every corgi color and both Welsh and Pembrok (with tail and without) to wag their fluffy little corgi behinds and snuggle. Best of all the footman doesn’t have to stop polishing the silver to go walkies with them.

And, you’ll want your playtime pal properly accessorized as well. These come in corgi size, too.  Left to right: source, source, source.

William & Harry photo source  Dog Wellies Source Dog’s waxed Barbour  Dog Union Jack sweater   Nothing says “Royal Relaxing” like a waxed canvas Barbour jacket. Perfect for watching horse trials or picnic-ing–always in the rain, of course.

Finally who doesn’t love sticker books and paper dolls? All are on Amazon.


This week we’re continuing the count-down to Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday. More fun royal posts to come.



2 thoughts on “Royal play time: Toys and other fun

  1. sjbraun

    Oooh, what fun! I actually have the Will and Kate Barbie and Ken — they’re great to bring to author events with kids 🙂 Danbury Mint things always crack me up — their ad copy especially. As a kid I would have been all over those paper dolls — and who can resist a stuffed corgi???!

    Liked by 1 person

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