Royal lookalikes

If you’re a fan of Pinterest you know there are all kinds of great photos of your favorite Royals and other celebrities. Back before the internet I spent many happy hours pouring over the photos in my large collection of royal books looking for likenesses. Today it’s much easier–on Pinterest you can do this quite easily. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite Royal look-a-like photos. Sometimes, just like in our own family albums, a pair may look the same in only that one photo.

 I have no idea how I’d give accurate credit for all of these. No copyright infringement is meant and I make nothing off this blog. Many have been in the Daily Mail and other publications. Others are marked.  If I can determine original credit, I will edit this and apply it.

As you can see, the genes of Queen Mary, consort of King George V and mother of Kings Edward VIII and George VI, were strong. She was the Queen’s Grandmother and she took duty to the n-th degree. She is the reason today’s Queen is the strong, dutiful monarch Britain has known since 1952.

After Queen Mary, who was actually known all her life as “May,” came her daughter, Mary. She was the Princess Royal before Anne. Next was the Queen’s daughter Anne–the current Princess Royal and the only female “Knight” of the Garter–the others are all “Ladies” of the Garter. Anne is the only royal woman who walks in processions in a uniform instead of riding in a carriage like the Queen and Catherine.

Anne’s daughter, Zara, has a daughter Mia who looks more like Zara’s rugby-player husband. Anne’s son, Peter, has given her two adorable little look-a-like granddaughters, Savannah and Isla. They are often seen with their indulgent big cousin, Louise Windsor (Kate’s bridesmaid), daughter of Prince Edward, at horse events. All have the “look” of Queen Mary.

My favorite Royal lookalike photo showcases two trios of Mother, daughter, and granddaughter.


source: Daily Mail

Yep! The horses are a family, too!


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