Earth Day Books for Grown-Ups and Crafts For Every Age


Earth Day is a great idea. Clean up our world and enjoy the outdoors. When you are tired from all of that, settle in with one of these two books to revive yourself–and our world. Then, perhaps over the weekend, make a fun recycled t-shirt craft to celebrate reusing things rather than building more landfills.


First the Books for the Grown-ups



At my former blog, this was my Must Read Book of 2008. It has gone on to be revised and updated and continues to be widely discussed. If you are a parent or grandparent–or hope to be, or are a teacher or daycare provider or just enjoy children, then this is the book you’ll want to read. Everyone–all ages, are healthier with regular time outdoors. Fear of everything has taken over for too many parents. Children need unstructured time to play and explore–preferably outdoors. Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.





Fruitless Fall explains how the crisis of bee colony collapse is a true epidemic. Bees are necessary to the production of many fruits–not just for the production of honey. This book unravels the mystery of why the colonies started to die off. This book reads like an excellent mystery. Rowan Jacobsen is a very compelling story-teller who makes esoteric topics like bee health come alive. I hope he will re-release this with an update. Here is a link to my old blog post when I first read this book.


I have lost track of the number of times I’ve recommended these two books. Both deserve to be read in high schools and colleges psychology and science courses as well as by those working to improve the environment.

Now the Family Crafts



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