The Search for Shakespeare: Fact and Fiction, the New and and the Not so New

From last year, but so appropriate today for the Bard’s 400th birthday.

Hopewell's Public Library of Life

As a librarian in “real life” I’m always scanning new book release notices, reviews, author events and all the rest related to books. Today a new book caught my eye and brought to mind a very memorable novel.


The Folger Shakespeare Library is a national treasure–and was given life by the fortune and dedication of Henry Folger. This new book tells some of the back story. I look forward to reading it soon. The Millionaire and the Bard by Andrea Mays


William Martin’s Harvard Yard is a sprawling great story about the hunt for a possibly unknown Shakespeare play. It goes back-and-forth in time and draws on the history of Harvard as well as of Shakespeare. It’s a great read–I recall racing home to read it after work and staying up till the wee hours of the morning, not wanting to put it down and go to sleep.

Harvard Yard

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