Dreaming Small

Oh, don’t back away from the screen!! This isn’t going to be some overly-earnest praise for houses the size of Matchbox Car Land Rovers. Nor is it going to be a micro-business as a panacea for all that ails us! Nope, this is about not bothering with a big-time bucket list. Just really small goals.

Over the weekend I came across a fun blog post at Shallow Reflections. Go on, click and go see her post, then come back and read my homage to it. You see, I can’t quit giggling over it–both the quiz to see if you are eligible and the accomplishments that can be had by dreaming small. It helps that all of the later list are readily available in my redneck, really rural community–though I can’t recall anyone ever bothering with a trip to the doctor to get weed. They usually have a cousin named Booboo or an Uncle Junior or someone who is good to bring that to family BBQs, baptisms and graduation parties. I’d add weddings, but who bothers to get married any more? It’s like Great-Aunt Anita’s jello salad. It’s always there when its a big occasion.

Since I qualified, here is my “Small Dream” list.


  1. Being runner-up in a Corn-hole tournament and winning a free t-shirt from a towing service.
  2. Waiting in line for carry-out at the bar behind the Baptist preacher’s wife and no one thinks its odd cause most of them are there for dinner only.
  3. Knowing happily married couples who met in the country jail or high school detention.
  4. Hitting it rich with a $50 win on a scratch and sniff card at the Mini Mart.
  5. Acquiring a couch with only one previous owner.
  6. Scoring free sushi samples at Kroger [yep, Redneck Sushi has chicken! I swear.]
  7. Being excited when a neighbor gets a job as a school bus driver because there’s a retirement plan and dental benefits.
  8. Asking if the grocery/pizzeria/bait shop has Eagle Brand and having a guy waiting for his pizza say he’ll run up to the “big” store for it if he can have a share and knowing he means sharing just the desert.
  9. Winning a free tour of the Tobacco Museum in the Old Town Days raffle.
  10. Going to the Church block party cause there’s a live band and free eats.
  11. Knowing who baked the cookies at the high school band and choir concert by who is in line to get them.
  12. Showing up at 7:00 am when week-long County Fair passes go on sale at 8 and having people already in line and getting a $1 off ride wrist bands for being an Early Bird.
  13. Hitting an unannounced sale on Meow Mix at Tractor Supply when they have the huge bags and getting the cute guy (the one with no visible tats) to load it in the car.
  14. Going to free movie night on the square and giving up your yard chair cause someone forgot to bring one for Granny and getting a free can of Mt Dew in thanks.
  15. Checking out somebody’s Grandma’s Mother’s Day tattoo with all her Grandbabies’ names on it –even the ex-step-grands–while standing in line at the Family Dollar Store.
  16. Not stressing when you go off the road on ice because Maddy’s Uncle and his best friend will be along soon with his 94 Chevy pick up and chains. And, they’d never dream of taking cash like Triple A. Budwiser will do just fine.
  17. Getting a free 1/2 Dr Pepper cake from the guy at church who stocks bread and cakes at Kroger cause it’s just going in the dumpster.
  18. Going to a yard sale and finding a brand new copy of a bestseller with no dog-eared pages or loose tobacco between the pages.
  19. Going to a make-and-take craft night in a church basement more for the promise of chocolate lava cake than for crafts.
  20. Laughing at the prices tourists pay for farm stand veggies or Amish baked goods, then buying them when no one is around for 2/3 the price.
  21. Not needing to pay for cable and TLC because there’s a Wal-Mart down the road and you can watch freaks for free.
  22. Buying you Easter outfit at Tractor Supply and getting compliments at Church.


How about you? Have you chucked the bucket list for small dreams like these? Honestly? I still have both my bucket list and my cup list. My cup list has things like going to an historic sight near home while my bucket list has, say, a gondola ride in Italy, not Florida. Leave a comment with some of your small dreams. And be sure to leave a nice comment for Shallow Reflections for inspiring our fun today.



2 thoughts on “Dreaming Small

  1. Lisa, I am so impressed by your list of small dreams! And thrilled that my blog post could be a catalyst for this creative thinking and dreaming. I’ve tried to pick and favorite and though it is really hard to do, #16 speaks to me. Must be my background living in Maine. This would totally happen in my neighborhood. Thanks for the shout out!


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