Mothers and Daughters: Novels for Mother’s Day




Arranged marriage is not an idea many Americans embrace. Yet Mina’s old-world parents whole-heartedly embrace the concept. Together Tea tells the story of Mina’s mother and her determination to find the perfect husband for her daughter. Mina, a modern American woman, is having none of it. To what lengths will a mother go to find happiness for her daughter? Together Tea, a debut novel by Marjan Kamali, that I can’t stop raving about. Today, May, 3, 2016, this is on sale for Kindle for only $1.99. [Remember, I do not make any money off your clicks–they are only for your convenience].





Poor Bee! Her Mom is…well…odd…. She’s a sort of recluse, has a wicked sense of humor and then just disappears. Bee’s Dad is a sort of Bill Gates-type so there’s plenty of money for Bee’s tony private school, Mom’s out-sourced Indian virtual assistant and oh, yes, a family trip to Antarctica. But then Bernadette, aka Bee’s Mom, just leaves….. I laughed out loud so many times reading this. Bernadette’s mutterings are spot on. Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple.



Ok, in this one there IS a son, too. First–cancel your book club’s next pick and grab Elizabeth Egan’s A Window Opens. You’ll thank me. She gets it. This is who we are today if we are on the “works outside the home” side of the insane and unnecessary Mommy war. Here, at last, is the story of a marriage that works–not perfect, but no one is bonking the babysitter or getting flashbacks from a traumatic childhood [NO I am NOT belittling anyone]. Alice Pearse gets the opportunity of a lifetime. Cue the Rolling Stones–take your pick, Satisfaction or You Can’t Always Get…. Her husband, Nicholas has just quit his job at the sort of law firm beautifully captured in another debut I’m still raving over, BigLaw, a world I know all too well. She nailed that too.

The children, Margot, Oliver and Georgie are normal kids–no too precious for words soliloquies, no one wise beyond their years, just REAL. That’s huge in any type book. They do have the world’s perfect babysitter, but hey! some people really do luck-out in that game. Supportive friends? Sure, but they wax and wane as real friendships do.

Real. Are you getting it? This book is just plain real. Go RIGHT NOW and put this one  on your Kindle. Or, if you are blessed with a Blue Owl type Indie bookshop, go there, sip a latte and buy it in carbon-based output. Ha! Did I mention the dream job puts the CULT (well in lingo anyway) into “Corporate Cult-ure”? (Does the phrase “Going forward…” make anyone else want to play that Urban Bomber video game?) You’ll also want to see Dave Egger’s The Circle–similar vibe and another great read.

A Window Opens by Elizabeth Egan–read it to remember the GREAT moments of being a Mom with a career or in memory of that day when you walked out of the office and never looked back–either way, you’ll love it. One teeny, tiny odd thing that will stay with me for life–just what does the “drumstick succulence” of a toddler’s leg mean……? Memorable. Never mind. Just read the book!! (Not much of this review was originally posted on February 26, 2016).

Do you have any favorite Mother and Daughter novels? Leave me a comment with the titles.


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