A book for a first-time Mom with a daughter




Becoming a Mom for the first time–no matter if by giving birth or by marrying a man with children or by fostering or adopting–is overwhelming.  She may be very accustomed to reading and stretching her mind, but suddenly now she has to keep a baby alive or get along with step-children or meet the needs of a traumatized foster child. Likely she’s second guessing everything she does and worrying that she’s doing it all just wrong. She isn’t and, in time, she’ll realize that. Along the way this book may just help. Best of all, it is suitable for a friend, husband, Grandparent or coworker to give to any first-time Mom.


If may seem crazy to offer a new mom a book to read. When will she ever have a moment’s peace to even finish reading the title? Well all of that is true, but this one is a collection something like long tweets. Not real tweets, you understand,  but short, to the point memories of Moms on raising daughters. They are well written, but certainly don’t crack the top 500 SAT vocabulary words.

Real stories with real advice, but not on potty training or breast pumps. Nor are these a step-by-step method to achieve X. They are just real Moms, relating real gems of wisdom gleaned while raising their own daughters. Not a listen-to-the-voice-of-experience tome, either. Just “here is my memory” and then “Next?” Reading that is do-able in new Mom-time.

The various authors have nothing in common other than all have raised daughters. “Notorious” Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Marie Osmond, Laura Bush, various doctors, lawyers, business women, a rabbi and a few more Hollywood types than I’d have chosen, all combine to tell stories that can be read one-handed while nursing a baby even when entirely sleep deprived. Justice Ginsburg and, unbelievably, Marie Osmond, wrote my favorites.  What I Told My Daughter: Lessons From Leaders on Raising the Next Generation of Empowered Women, edited by Nina Tassler.

P.S. This book really is suitable for ALL mothers–even those with sons.




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