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Between the Lines is a blog series organized by Katherine of Katherine’s Corner. The series explores the reasons women of a certain age write blogs.  Katherine’s Corner is a blog that promotes sharing.

Is it important to write for women of a certain age? Definitely! We are hidden away in the margins of the media. I’m pleased to see more books written by women of a certain age these days, but they are still the minority. Novels and films about women of a certain age are not very plentiful, either. Which is odd because our time of life is exciting! We are now free to focus on our dreams! We are alive and kickin’! We want to look good and feel like we look good. We want to be heard and taken seriously. Blogging is a big part of reaching our age group. We are women of a certain age and we are making the lives we’ve wanted all along.

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The downside of a certain age is loneliness. And job loss. And marriage loss–thru a late divorce or thru death of a spouse. While our children are on their own, more or less, our parents need us more than ever. It’s good to know others are going thru this. In another time support groups met in church basements to provide this. Today, we may not have time for that–we work, we help aged parents, we may be maintaining a big family home we can think of parting with as well as having pets and second careers to worry over. Blogs and social media are a God-send to women of a certain age who are lonely.

I’ve been blogging since blogs began. My current blog focuses on the books I’ve written and hope to publish and the themes in them:  cross-generational romances, royalty,  successful women, historical fiction.  Older man, younger woman love stories are my writing genre. Not formula romance, but positive stories that do not involve infidelity or divorce–i.e. no trophy wife acquisitions, but not too precious either. I also post stories of such romances from real life and those in movies and novels. I also enjoy sporadically writing a spoof diary of a well-known royal.

Then there’s a category I call Slice of Life–my blog category for anything outside these topics. One emerging topic has been body image–especially now that I’m  a woman of a certain age. That means over-the-hill, but not dead, in case its new to you. Body image post one, two and three.

Another topic I’ve found enjoyable is style. A while back I looked at the style icons of the 1950s and the ladies, like my mother, who loved them. That was really fun.

Grace Kelly Post One      Audrey Hepburn post one

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I really like the validation blogging gives. When someone likes a post or comments it shows I’ve touched them in some positive way. If they tweet about it, my voice is heard by a larger more diverse audience. I always follow up those likes or comments or tweets with visits to that kind reader’s own blog or twitter page. At a certain age, many women are reaching for long-delayed dreams or working toward new ones. I love being an encourager to others who want to find their own voice or realize their own dream–visiting their pages is a way to do this.

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Blogging, like social media, creates community. In mid-life–a certain age, we need community so much, but we need a certain kind of community. We’re done with the Mommy Wars, done with the parenting one-up-man-ship. Just like we need well-built bras and Spanx to truss up our bodies, we need well-built communities of like-aged, like-minded people to truss up our dreams and aspirations and our souls. We need a pat on the back, a smile, an encouraging word. We also need to laugh at ourselves in the right way. Blogging can do that. While I do not write exclusively for woman my own age, they are generally the readers my posts resonate with the most.

Blogging has helped me to find like-minded friends as well. Yes, several I’ve now met in real life. They, too, have used their blogs to find themselves in various ways. The empty nest is difficult for many. At this age marriages often need life-support.Others have been forced into career changes by job cuts. A few have blogged thru life-changing medical problems. All have used blogging to find their voice–to be heard.

Are you interested in starting a blog? Do you blog now? What do you enjoy reading on blogs? What would you like to read here on my blog? Comments are such a great idea–feel free to leave yours. I’d love to visit your blog, too, so leave the url. Thanks for stopping by today.

Tomorrow’s post: That a girl! Using social media for encouragement and support.


16 thoughts on “Between the Lines Hopewell’s Library of Life

  1. sjbraun

    You have been a real encourager to me with my blogging and writing — it’s a real gift you have, and I so appreciate it. I never thought about blogs as being useful to women “of a certain age,” but all that you write rings true … so glad we connected!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s been great meeting another Between The Lines blogger. I’m an avid reader and I LOVE historical novels, like Pillars of the Earth and The Ceridwen Saga by Octavia Randolph. Anyways, I signed up to follow you, Lisa, but I’m wondering if you’re on Twitter or have a Facebook page. I didn’t notice anything on here about that. I’ll be featured next month and you’ll find out what retirement is all about…LOL! Have a fabulous week.


  3. sizzlesue15

    Hi there! Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty and I’m a fellow Between the Lines blogger. I love that women of our age have a voice and we aren’t afraid to use it. It is lovely to connect with you.


  4. Nice to meet you, Lisa! I’m finally getting caught up on the Between The LInes series and you couldn’t have summed up this phase in our lives better. I love what you said about how connecting with our “seasoned women” used to be done in church basements and now thanks to blogs, we can connect with so many others in this new phase of life. Looking forward to following you and reading your work!


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