Sequel Please!

Or, “Why I avoid short stories….


Short stories are not my favorite way to read. Oh, not because they aren’t enjoyable–they are. And, yes, published ones are very well written. It’s just the short part. I’m left wanting more. This is the case with Jessica Brockmole’s short story Something Worth Landing For in the new collection of World War I themed short stories, Fall of Poppies.

Wesley and Victoire strike a bargain–a bargain that belies the little confidence Wes thinks his mother has in him. The story planted such sturdy seeds in the fertile ground of my imagination that I want to see the grown plants. I want the rest of their story!!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know already that I suggested a sequel in a tweet. I’m sure the author has writing projects planned till the end of her life like I do, but maybe, just maybe, if a few more of you read the story and agree (and let her know!) then I’ll get my sequel. Please, please read it–and, while you’re add it, read the other short stories in this collection.

By the way, Jessica Brockmole’s new book, At the Edge of Summer, comes out next week, but is available for pre-order here on Amazon.


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Sequel Please!  is an occasional series on this blog. Here’s the first installment of the series.


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