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Spice up your snail mail and make someone’s day!

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Don’t you just love to get a real letter? Sure a text, I.M. or e-mail can be just as welcome and just as encouraging. And yes, Hallmark still has you covered if you want to pay up to $5.00 for one greeting card. But sometimes that little note in among the pizza ads and home refinancing offers is just such a wonderful surprise. It can really perk a person up. Today I’m taking a look at some really awesome ideas for making a rare snail mail letter even more appealing.


Apparently many folks agree with me. An artist named Ivan Cash has created an artistic event, Snail Mail My Email to do just what it says–artists volunteer to turn your email into a real letter aka Snail Mail. It is now an annual event each November. You can see more beautiful examples of artistic snail mailed e-mails here. He has a book on the project, too–you can see it here.

A few helpful books



The term “adorbs” must have been coined for this sweet book. I love the Air Mail envelope edges and the…well..the EVERYTHING in this lovely gem of a book. Here is a SUPER-DUPER homage to the book at Sarah-Wynnes’ blog. Leave here a compliment, won’t you? I hope to buy this one soon–it’s that swoon-worthy. Snail Mail: Rediscovering the Art and Craft of Homemade Correspondence by Michelle Mackintosh.



And, if you’d like to tuck a little treat in with that nice letter, Michelle has a new book just out called Care Packages: Celebrating the Art and Craft of Thoughtfully Made Packages. It looks every bit as wonderful as Snail Mail. I’m sure I’ll want to buy it, too!



Karen Benke, author of the equally fun Rip This Page that my son has enjoyed for years–picking it up when he’s bored. I still find it in the living room years after we bought it, so that’s a very good sign for Karen’s new book, Write Back Soon. This is a fun combination of prompts suggestions, pull-out pages and other fun to aid your communication by letter or card. If you have kids of any age or just enjoy fun, any of her books will be a pleasure for you. Here’s her website so you can learn more.


Some beautiful handmade paper can help your letter look beautiful. The photo on the left even includes how to make it yourself! Click here to see step-by-step directions.


Sources: Image One, Image Two, Image Three

See the lovely marbled paper on the right? Here are the step-by-step instructions, with helpful photographs, to make your own.



Envelopes to can be jazzed up by making them yourself.



Here’s how to  make gorgeous envelopes from scrapbook paper–these examples use two-sided paper, but one-sided will also work. The link includes step-by-step directions and a a template.





I’m in love with these envelope! Hand decorated and so cute!


Large image source, Skating image source, Kitty image source

And you want your handwriting to look great, right? Well the hottest things going right now is a craft called hand lettering. It’s like street-wise calligraphy. Heck, even Money Saving Mom has caught the hand lettering bug! She provides a great list of resources in the linked post. Hand lettering is like those cute chalk board sayings only on paper. Dawn Nicole Designs offers a free online hand-lettering course to help you perfect the style.


You can learn on your own if you prefer. Here’s a fun book (Money Saving Mom lists another one as well). Hand-Lettering Ledger by Mary Kate McCevitt.






If you prefer, Emily of Jones Design— the blogger who showcased this beautifully addressed envelope by calligrapher Patricia Mumau of Primele has an awesome Fake-it-till-you-make it approach to hand lettering (or calligraphy). She her cool lessons here!

And, you all know you can still walk into any United States Post Office and see an awesome array of stamps right? I won’t go there–that’s an entire blog, let alone post, all its own!

The same is true of handmade cards. I think half of Pinterest’s cloud space is taken up in handmade card designs!

And when that fun is done, you can have some reading fun!


And, a fun novel of  letters, Air Mail by Naomi Bulger–a fun way to relax after a day of penning and decorating very personal snail mail messages. The story sounds really good, but I must admit I have not read it, but it has to be among the coolest looking books I’ve found in a very long time.

Do you still hand write letters? Do you love to receive them? Leave me a comment!

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