From My Commonplace Book: New Sherlock Holmes Quotes I Love

Yesterday, I  introduced you to some new takes on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famed detective, Sherlock Holmes. As promised, I’m back today with quotes from two of the books profiled yesterday.


“A city center with no fewer than four cupcake shops and not one decent place to get a curry.”

I feel your pain, Jamie. I live in Nowhereville. Those who have actually heard the word “curry” know it as something done to horses before and after barrell racing on them.

“The two of us, we’re the best kind of disaster. Apples and oranges. Well, more like apples and machetes.”

Yep. All the best relationships are apples and machetes.

“I’m sorry I picked a fight with you,” Holmes said sleepily. “But you should know that I had a good reason.”

See? A good relationship. He was horrible because he had a good reason. I love that!

I could quote half this book! I love their snarkiness! It reminds me of me and my friends in high school.

A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro



I gave a long quote from this one yesterday, so today I’ll finish up with some quotes from my favorite scene. I enjoyed the whole book, but as a librarian I am always on the look out for kindred spirits who find the library to be almost a holy shrine.

“The moment we stepped the the little glass gate and into the main hall, Sadie breathed in deeply. ‘I’m home,’ she whispered, with all the quiet reverence most might reserve for only the holiest of chapels. I was entirely sure she was talking to the book.”

Well, of course she was talking to the books!! They are her friends! We must always greet our friends!

Lock and Mori by Heather W. Petty

I leave you today with a little more Sherlockian fun

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