If I could get my kids to read books I recommend, this would be the list for them

For those in search of gift books for graduates, any of these will do. Re-posting this from January (and from my old blog).

Hopewell's Public Library of Life

Note: This post originally appeared on my old blog in March 2015

I have two kids–one is a reader of sorts, the other hates reading. Naturally. Of course. I’m a book nut and a librarian. I take it personally, though who knows why. If I could get them to read books I recommend, this would be my list of what they should read. No, the Bible isn’t on here–they’ve had it around all their lives and know to read it. No Anne Frank or Corrie Ten Boom–they’ve met them both in school or homeschool. Nope, no Roosevelts or Royals. Not a single Mountbatten, Churchill or any other Brit. No Federalist Papers or wisdom of the Founding Fathers–they should know enough on that to at least appreciate their freedom. No Gone With the Wind or other favorite sagas. No Number One Ladies Detective Agency or William Monk.  No Peace Corps memoirs…

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