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Fun shoes

Like many a woman of a certain age, I am actively working at finding my own style again. I’m not a Mom, my job is no longer in the uptight-suits-only world and, I just want to have a little fun in life. One way I’m exploring that is with shoes. In my real world, out-of-the-office life, I live in jeans (or jean capris depending on the temperature) and tees. So, one way to express my personal style would be to add fun shoes. Yesterday, I found these. So cute, but I’m a cat lady and a librarian–maybe too much of cliche? Super-cute though. And I have the right shoes (Target).

Source for cat shoes tutorial.

Here are some of the fun shoes I’ve seen that I might just be willing to wear.

These are purchased ready-to-wear.


Sources: I.U.;   SnoopyPride & Prejudice textVW Bus & London

Do It Yourself or Recycle

Another way to find fun shoes (and save money) is to recycle the ones you are tired of wearing.


Sources:  Light Blue; Sheet Music; Crochet; Lace flatsLace heels; Red Ruffles

I’m pretty squigged-out by used shoes, but my own shoes–sure! Or even an inexpensive new pair would do for any of these great projects. I want to point out that that recycling/redoing clothing, shoes and accessories is really hot right now. What a great idea to shop your own closet (or a thrift store) and remake something. Pinterest has thousands of great ideas and there are bloggers who specialize in such projects.  I especially like the Toms idea–embroidery! (Or hot glue and a craft store embroidered patch). What a great way to cover a stain or worn toe and get a new-to-you pair of shoes all at once. Very economical. Most of these  have tutorials, but if they don’t you can easily find another tutorial on Pinterest for a similar shoe.

Summer is here, so here are some great sandal and flip-flip re-dos



Sources: White/Print Sling-backs; Crotchet; Ankle-tie; Beaded

Note: if you really like any of these projects, won’t you be kind and click to go to the original poster’s blog and leave them a compliment? Bloggers (like me) often make no money off their blog, but willingly share their projects. We live on comments and compliments.

Do you recycle clothing or accessories? Shoes? Leave me a photo or a link.

I enjoy reading your comments!

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