After the Beach: The First Night



This cute puzzle is a great way to unwind after a day at the beach. Buy it here.

You’ve spent a long, hot day at the beach. Everyone is a tired, some are probably sunburned. Now you are back at the motel or camper or rental house/condo. Or maybe you stayed late because a bonfire was allowed–you roasted hot dogs or seafood (likely that you purchased, but who cares about that). Maybe you made s’mores. Here ares some ways to unwind tonight that can involve the entire family–yes the teenagers will live. They can have screen time when the little ones go to sleep. Maybe another night you can all nap and go back out at night and explore the stars over the beach. Remember sweatshirts and bug spray!



Left-to-right, top row One, Two, Three, Four

Bottom row One, Two

There are hundreds of these you can print at home, stick in a folder and take along–no need to buy super-expensive grown-up coloring books unless you want to. Take a long a good selection of colored pencils and a few dollar store sharpeners. No worries of crayons melting or markers getting you a charge at check-out time. Note the “Mummy and Me” pages for tired little guys to color with Mommy or Daddy.

Listen to a Story


There are many great stories that go well with the beach–Treasure Island, for example, but my vote would be for Five Children and It. An Edwardian tale of children at the beach who find a magical sand fairy. It’s wonderful and there aren’t too many odd phrases to put you off when you are too tired. Yes, there is a movie version, but it isn’t very good. Skip it. Read the book. They are tired–a read-aloud helps them wind down. And, it will calm you as well. Maybe bribe a teenager to read. Yes, bribes on vacation are just fine. Extortion even. It’s about peace.


Watch silly beach movies and tv shows

Best of all you don’ t need to buy them–stream them for a small rental fee on Amazon.

Source for All: Amazon Video

Enjoy a fun treat

The internet makes it easy to plan travel-treats. Look up a bakery, email a photo and splurge–have a delivery service bring them to you. Don’t look at the bill–look at the faces. Remember though, cookie, cake and cake pop and even marshmallow pop designs can be copyright protected. Whoever you hire will do their version of these–don’t expect exact copies, because they don’t want to disrespect and steal from their peers. Enjoy a similar creation. Remember to ask for some in  “guy colors” ones, too!

Serve these with Sprite, fruit on stick and a little umbrella. Mom and Dad will likely be ready for something a tad more relaxing and that’s fine. Just don’t let the kids taste yours–they’ll want it and you need it.

Clockwise from top left One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine (middle)

Seriously, the topic of beach-themed treats could be it’s own BLOG! So many, many cute ideas!


Or be cheap and do your own!

No, I’m not saying go on vacation and BAKE for heaven sakes! Bake earlier and freeze, then decorate, if necessary, in your time share, camper or motel room.



Left-to-right One, Two, Three

Later That Night

Once the little ones are asleep, put on “big people” movies like Jaws or a Perfect Storm. Both are available on Amazon Video.

Tomorrow we learn at the beach. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun.

2 thoughts on “After the Beach: The First Night

  1. snefferdoodle

    We are going to pick up some DVDs at the library before we go on vacation. Thanks for the suggestions! BBB sounds good – maybe even Where The Boys Are.

    Liked by 1 person

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