Beach Week: What to Pack

In spite of my showing products I like in this and other posts, I do not make any money off this blog. I have not been asked to review any of these products. I just do so because I like them.



This week we are preparing for a family’s first trip to the beach!  After you’ve read some of the beach stories aloud at bedtime you’ll want to get busy rounding up the stuff everyone needs for the beach.

First–and for many moms WORST–swim suits! No fear! These have you covered, but covered in style!

Suits for Moms and Young Adult Daughters of All Sizes

I’m an 18 and I’m shy. I like modest. Going to the beach with your husband and kids usually means a bit more modesty than you took to your Hawaiian honeymoon. Happily, these days it’s not as challenging to be stylish and covered up at the beach. And , while your teen may dream of frolicking around 98% naked in what passes for a bikini, fear not, it shouldn’t take Dad’s shotgun to get her to agree to a few of these–as long as you are going where no one will know her and you promise to show her in Facebook and Instagram photos only when she has on a t-shirt. So, rules explained, let’s have the fashion show!

One Piece Suits


Left-to-right One, Two, Three, Four

Two Piece Suits


Left-to-right One, Two, Three, Four

Now for the Fun Part–Suits for the Kids!


Let me say up-front that I adore classic styles for kids. But, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m also part of the first Snoopy Generation and love anything Snoopy. So today I’m showing both!

Classic Style

Left-to-right One, Two, Three, Four


Fun Modern Style

Left-to-right One, Two, Three

Did I mention I also love VW Buses? How cute is that rashie shirt?

Snoopy Style!!! Love all of these!

Left-to-right One, Two, Three, Four


Kudos to Modcloth, Old Navy, Hanna Andersson, Smocked Auctions and (not shown) Ralph Lauren and other clothing companies for producing stylish, yet modest and child-appropriate swimwear. The styles shown here are just a few of the nice swimwear available for children.

Why rash guard shirts? Why hats (not shown, but do wear them!), why sunscreen? Read here about a child who still got burned and what doctors said. Here is the Center for Disease Control on sunburn.

Now the cool stuff–beach gear!

Bags and other ways to haul stuff

Here’s a handy packing list from Frugal Coupon Living


Do budget for some fun treats. Nothing tastes better to a kid than stuff bought from a vendor or vending machine. But also take some healthy stuff, too. Depending on where you stay you may have a fridge–if so freeze water bottles, grapes and chill other fruits and veggies, sandwiches or other munchies. These nice packs make it easy to grab and go. Picnicware




This is such a cute bag! Perfect for stashing dry clothes, hats no one thinks they’ll need and other misc stuff. Be sure to even hide away hats for the teenages who are too cool to wear them. Now is the time to give in on that flat-bill or fedora. Striped Bag.


A stash of these great mesh bags will get wet towels and toys to the car. Best of all you can get them by the dozen! Fill a few with extra beach toys, inexpensive beach towels or even outgrown rash shirts and give them out at the beach. Make some new friends for the day. Mesh by the dozen.





You’ll want something like this that sand can drain out of to store sunblock, first aid kit, zinc oxide lotion, tanning lotions, hair brushes, and other necessities. Don’t laugh-off sunscreen. Make sure you invest in different levels of protection for different times of day and be sure to reapply.  Mesh Beach Bag.

Use an old duffle bag to hide new toys so they can be rationed. A lock is a good idea too!

Set up your beach home base

A big umbrella is a must. Check before you pack to see if you can rent one at the beach. If so it will save a big packing problem. Otherwise buy a cheapy when you get there and “pay it forward” by giving it to some sunburned young couple on your last day.



An old fitted sheet is a big help! Thanks to Team Johnson for this great tip! It provides a boundary for a baby, but also lets you organize an eating or resting area.  Keep dry clean towels in a plastic trash bag and dole them out as necessary. They need not all be cool beach towels–anything old that dries and you can leave behind is good, too. There are now two-person beach towels too–makes a nice spot to dry off on and rest a lunch time.




These cup holders are great–just plant them right outside the sheet.





Don’t forget the beach chairs! Again, see what can be rented before hauling them along with you. Or budget for buying them once you get there and donating them to someone on your last day. Look for a family that seems to be stretching their very last dollar.  This is a cute, customizable child-sized beach chair with umbrella.


Next the Toys 

Don’t even mention you brought these the first day (or early in the day if its a one-day trip).



This pail and shovel go perfectly with our classic kids swimwear!






Here in the Midwest Cornhole is a very popular backyard, bar or youth group game. There are even tournaments! Here’s a beach version–sand hole. Don’t say a word if a group of teens, even those wearing next-to-nothing, decides they would like to join in. Just be glad your kids are making friends within your sight. Let it be fun for everyone.







What new friend wouldn’t love a Snoopy mini-beach ball? Sold super-cheap and by the dozen, everybody can have one! Snoopy Mini-Beach Balls






This contraption will delight kids from birth on up. Water or sand will both work. Take it down to where the water just reaches the sand and your little guy will have fun. Then rinse it off and play with it in the bath time another night. Seaside Funnel and Whirligig





Remember, most places families will stay will have a washer and drier. Wash the old towels, fitted sheet, swimwear that won’t be re-worn and add them into any clean no-longer needed beach bags, with the toys that flopped or just won’t be used at home and donate them to a local charity. That will help make room in your car or luggage for the souvenirs, shells, and whatever that you and the kids collect on the trip.


Tomorrow we’ll see what to do AFTER the beach.


Leave me a comment–have you found a great sunscreen product or a brand of rash shirt or a super beach bag? Any beach tips you just want to share?

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  1. Fun post! It almost makes me want to go to the beach (and I’m *not* a beach person!). The sheet enclosure for a baby at the beach is a great idea 🙂

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