The Magic Room

This review originally appeared on my old blog in March 2012.


The Magic Room tells the story of a small-town Michigan bridal shop, Becker’s. It’s been in the same family for 70+ years and is still going strong. The store’s story is told thru the owners, staff and customers. The women, young and middle aged alike, who come for a wedding dress are treated to a trip to the “Magic Room.” As it’s name implies the Magic Room is where the bride first REALLY sees herself as a bride in her dream gown. But the book is more than just preparing for a trip down the aisle, it’s also about mothers and daughters and about what we, as parents, seek for our daughters.

I found it so sad that the author was almost shocked by one bride and her sisters. From a religious, but not a Duggar-like family, they had each reached the conclusion that intimacy must wait for marriage. He tells their story with respect–not mockery, but it’s sad that this is seen as so uncommon. I hope this book will inspire other brides and grooms to make this choice.

Whatever your beliefs, this is a book for just about any woman. The Magic Room: A Story About the Love We Wish For Our Daughters by Jeffrey Zaslow.

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