So your kid is theater crazy?

This post is for KIDS who love theater. Not parents who want their kids in tv, film or theater. For that we have Noel Coward’s very shrewd advice:

Here’s a link to the fabulous lyrics.


So if your church doesn’t do M.A.D. Camp–“Music, Arts & Drama Summer Day Camp” or your school doesn’t offer a summer enrichment program or the Community Theater unhelpfully planned Equis for the summer,  these books will help your budding thespian survive the summer.



The incomparable Helene Hanff of 84 Charing Cross Road started out to be an actress. This is her story of those early years of casting calls, youthful ambition and paying for life.  Underfoot in Show Business by Helene Hanff.





ScarlettSuite Scarlett is the first volume of a new Young Adult series. It was well-written and fun and held my attention. It brought back so many memories of high school, when the drama club was one of the focal points of my life and my friends all wanted to study acting. I was the lone hold-out who wanted, instead, to be a writer and diplomat. I liked the values of this book best. The family features two parents, very happily married, with children who respect them, feel remorse, and stop to consider the ethics of their decisions. Another adult appears on the scene who mentors two of the children. Yes, they do mention being drunk or that the brother has a box of condoms in his room–things that DO come up in normal teenage conversation. But in the end, right prevails (or true remorse follows). No one is hopping in and out of bed or having too much PDA on the subway. They set goals and work toward them. Education matters. Family matters. I will probably listen to the next book in this series–it was that much fun! Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson. Note: This review originally appeared on my old blog in July of 2013.




Theater Shoes follows three orphans thru drama school and much, much more! Finding hidden talents and learning about themselves as they go makes the story even better. Theater Shoes by Noel Streatfeld.






510hMRcSfcL._SX340_BO1,204,203,200_My kids really enjoyed many of the Magic Tree House books. This was one I actually bought for them instead of getting it at the library. A fun look at Shakespeare and the theater. Follow this one up with a family night at Shakespeare in the Park or another performance of “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” You can read a classic child’s version of the play here, free, from the wonderful Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare.

Stage Fright on a Summer’s Night by Mary Pope Osborne.




Lola is a bold little girl, but going on the stage? No, thanks! Read about how she conquers her fear to be in her class play. I love that Lola has such a loving “Bubbe”–grandma.  Lola Levine: Drama Queen by Monica Brown





Can you recommend others for this list? Leave me a comment.

3 thoughts on “So your kid is theater crazy?

  1. Neat blog topic idea! My kids enjoyed the Magic Treehouse books too; I don’t think I know about the others. Great resource you have put together …

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  2. What a nice selection. None of my kids like the theater although I do have one who’s obsessed with creating artistic videos for You Tube, but that is more behind the scenes work. Thank you for providing us with sweet inspiration. Pinning.

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