Fourth of July Style, yes in a REAL plus-size

I’ve never embraced the selfie craze, so I’m pretty bad at this. Thankfully my daughter’s room (which she sometimes comes home to use) has a big mirror.

This year I’ve been working to get into better shape and to lose some weight due to warning from my doctor on blood sugar. I also have heart disease in my family so it’s time to pay attention again. 14 years ago I wore a size 10 for the most part. Today its a 16-20 P. Let’s just say I’m very supportive of plus-size women. And, being 5’3″ even more supportive of SHORT plus-sized women.

With both kids on their own and usually out of the house I also have a little extra to spend on my sadly neglected wardrobe. What’s smaller than a “capsule?” That’s what I have lived with for years. So, this summer I gave myself permission to do a fun outfit just for the 4th of July. In the past that has meant a semi-annual Old Navy Flag Tee. This year, I opted for more than that. I hope you approve!


Complete outfit–loving that a little weight loss shows up!

Jeans (rolled) Old Navy Rock Star

[I think this is the right link]

My bangs are too grown out–hair cut is scheduled next week, but I’m not a perfectionist AT ALL. Take me as I am!


J. Crew Factory Ladder Striped T



Bass Castoff Boater III

I LOVE red with denim.

The Fourth is supposed to be cool and rainy, so I’ll be using my 2015 Denim Trucker jacket from The Avenue if need be. It goes great with the t-shirt. I love that it’s just a bit longer than a traditional jeans jacket–a nice style when you have “curves” (i.e. hips).

Now, to find an exercise that will give me a round behind like a Kardashian (Joke!) New glasses are coming soon and I’m saving for new make-up. It’s not used by the women where I work, but I’d like to get back to a little of it. As a single Mom I saved the money and didn’t wear it since it wasn’t in my office culture.



Have any style plans for the 4th? Leave a comment, a link a photo or all of those!

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