Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Made Me Want to DO or LEARN



Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do or Learn About After Reading Them



1. Made me want the best–Rhett Butler.


Who doesn’t want to marry a tall, dark handsome rogue who is also funny, occasionally, sweet and very, very successful? But, like Darcy for others, he set the bar a bit high. Didn’t help that my honorary older brother is a near clone. Hmmm… maybe the Victorians had a point about girls reading too many romance novels? Nah…. It’s all good.

Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

2. Sail Around the World and be the Kind of Parent Who Would Allow It

Ok–this one isn’t going to happen unless I find a VERY Rhett Butler-sih hubby late in life! And our safety-obsessed society would have put me in jail if I’d let my kids do this in the 21st Century–big loss for adolescent independence, not that I could have paid for it.

Boy Who Sailed Around the World Alone and Dove  [Same book–“Boy” is a young person’s edition]

3. Write down the spoof diaries I was imagining, like my ‘Milla’s Diary



I have no idea about the new PM’s husband, Philip May, but I hope someone else does and re-writes this for him! What a hoot! If Hil gets elected, someone should write this about Bill.

Probably he is “not wanted on voyage” either (as this book’s “Denis Thatcher” would say).

Dear Bill: The Collected Letters of Denis Thatcher

You can read my royal ‘Milla’s Diary here.


 4. Go Back Out to An Underdeveloped Country and Help Women



Who knows? Maybe I’ll join Peace Corps again when I retire. This book is so inspiring, it made me want to do MORE. A Path Appears





5. To Live Well Within My Means and Stop Buying Stuff



This book, bought for 25 cents at a garage sale, helped me change. It got me to Dave Ramsey. It got me to up my 401(K) contribution till it hurt. It made me she the shackles hiding in debt. Most of all it made me admit, though I’d always known it, that my Grandmother was right and I was wrong. My ONLY regret in life is that I didn’t listen to her about money. I recommend this book, and Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, to everyone.   Millionaire Next Door.



6. To Get In Shape and Run



Made me want to lose weight and RUN–and I did. The kid who couldn’t take gym class was a runner at age 40 and owned a pair of pant in a size 6. Now, at age 54, I’m working again to get weight off. I cannot run now without tremendous knee pain, so I’m doing things a different way. I’m not a big Oprah fan, but this book–and her show’s walking push that year–got me off the couch, out of depression and into shape.

Make the Connection



7. To homestead or nearly homestead


In the early 1930s a couple from New York gave up on city life and moved to place where they could achieve near self-sufficiency. They became, in time, icons of the utopian back-to-the-land fantasies at the liberal end of the spectrum. This book dovetailed neatly with the life my artist Uncle Edwin Fulwider and his artist wife, Katryn, lived in Northern Idaho for many years. A life nearly destroyed by the radical Nazi’s who invaded the area later on. I loved every minute I spent there–even the hard physical work of getting the place ready for a very isolated winter. Its still my ideal way to live even today. Rather isolated, to have a lot that must be done (I’m not a do-er by nature so it is good for me) and lots of space, peace, quiet and nature.The Good Life by Scott and Helen Neering.


8. Redefined #7 as a vegan homestead



Homesteading was always going to be tough for me because I don’t cope with dead animals. I don’t cope with gory birthing of animals, either. “Livestock” to me would mean cats and dogs and wild birds and other wild things. This book showed me it could work. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver




9. Want to homeschool my kids



Remember the family that raised goats and sent their kids to Harvard? This is their book. It spoke to me–I LOATHED school and missed every day my Mom would let me. What a waste of time! This book combined never going to a school with homesteading!  But, I knew I couldn’t do THIS level of it–clearing the ground, digging the well, etc.  Plus half their kids are adopted. I’d known since age 4 or 5 that I wanted to adopt, so this was a nice, tidy, dream package for me. Homeschooling For Excellence by David and Micki Colfax.



10.  Made me want to keep going



This book was like therapy for me. So much was going wrong in my life at the time it came out and it soothed me, let me work thru some of the bad things. Ironically, I only planned the pages in my mind–I never made them. Some day I really think I will make them though. It was too raw at the time. I love the way creating helps in times of trouble. People knock scrapbooking, but for me it was very healing. It sustained me at one of the worst time of my life. I recommend this book still to anyone going thru really bad stuff. Imperfect Lives by Tara Governo


Have any books affected your life this way? Leave me a comment. Join the fun at Top Ten Tuesday over at The Broke and The Bookish!

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