Two families, two very different experiences in World War II

Congratulations to author Gerhard Maroscher! His indie book, Can’t Somebody Just Die Around Here? is a 2016 Independent Author Network Finalist in History!! His first book!

Hopewell's Public Library of Life

During World War II many families found themselves on more than one side of the war. Immigration and changing national boundaries were often the culprits in these cases, more than any divided loyalties. For the Maroscher and the Fukuhara families the war came to be about far more than the what was occurring on the battlefields in Europe of the Pacific.

diearoundhereI always like to support local authors and when a local author writes a memoir so readable it could be a novel, I’m even happier to endorse and promote it. Gerhard Maroscher’s oddly titled memoir, Why Can’t Somebody Just Die Around Here? is a book I think any World War II buff will enjoy. [The perplexing title is explained early in the story.]This is not the traditional story of fleeing the Nazis. The Maroscher’s were not Jewish. But their home in Romania became their home in Hungary in the…

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