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Sunday I enjoyed trying a family-friendly part of my local food scene: The Main Street Grille. I LOVED IT!  If Mayberry was real and in Ohio then this is where Andy Taylor would eat lunch when Aunt Bee was helping get the Church Social decorating done!

Sardinia is about 40 miles east of Cincinnati–right in Amish country. If you are in area to visit local Amish attractions, to see fall foliage, or to enjoy Ohio’s Little State Fair (i.e. the Brown County Fair in nearby Georgetown), then be sure to make the Main Street Grille one of your meal destinations.


Let’s start with the place itself. The outside has recently been redone and looks so inviting! I’m a sucker for a red barn any day so the red siding and stucco are a very pleasing look. Inside I found a welcoming decor that was pleasing and fabulously clean and inviting. TVs were on, but not blaring (expect to see the Bengals and Reds on whenever possible, though!). Floor space was ample, and table arrangement nicely flexible to allow for gatherings of friends and family with little inconvenience.  There were also nice comfy booths for more private dining.

Photo Source: Main Street Grille



The staff were all very friendly, but not intrusive–no one caught me with my mouth full to ask how I liked it! They were attentive and offered friendly tips such as what dipping sauces they liked with the corn nuggets I ordered. [Full disclosure here–my son is part-time employee, but I dealt with everyone else on the staff to see what they were like and I paid full price for my meal]. I was happy to see that they treated all customers like they were a staff member’s Mom. An elderly couple came in for lunch and were warmly and sincerely welcomed. In a small town you always need to add the sincerity so no one stops Grandma at Church to say you were rude! Another diner was cheerfully queried if he wanted his usual Sunday pizza–it is that kind of place. What’s not to love? It’s like Cheers, right?


Source: Main Street Grille

The food is high quality, but area-friendly.You won’t likely find quiona on the menu–at least not very often! I liked the foodie-approved handwritten menus–the food and cocktail specials change often, so be sure to read them on each visit. The main items are pizzas, hot sandwiches and burgers, salads and a large variety of appetizers such as the corn nuggets I tried and loved, friend veggies, nachos. You could call the menu 21st Century Midwest Diner! Being close to Cincinnati there is, of course, chili.   There are weekly specials that feature more traditional Midwest dinners like meatloaf, lasagna, pork chops and the fried chicken. The prices are very area-friendly. Why go to fast-food when you can have GREAT Food for about the same price?



I chose a Philly Cheesesteak and it rivaled the ones I’ve had in Philadelphia in years past. The bun was a Midwest-approved soft, white bun that stayed together (no cheap hot dog buns here, thank you!) with ample beef, onions, peppers and mushrooms and, best of all, plenty of cheese! Personally, I had to take half home. I have heard great things, too, about the Pizza Hoagie. Next time I think I’ll give it a try.

Photo source: Main Street Grille

Then there is desert. Honey, this is Southern Ohio–we DO desert. Their cakes and other deserts (featured on their Facebook page) are mouth-watering. Just what Grandma makes and just as good–or better! Sunday they featured a to-die-for Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cake!! (See the largest photo above.) Oh my my! Previously, I’d had a take-out  order of their Red Velvet Cake. So far beyond YUM that I have no words–seriously, this was the ONLY Red Velvet Cake I’ve ever loved. The icing was unbeatable! They sell some cakes whole, too. Call for details.

And here in the Ohio River Valley we take all things breakfast seriously. And breakfast in this neck of the woods means biscuits and gravy! And do they do biscuits and gravy? Do they ever!! Two words: Get Some!


Source: Main Street Grille

For adults there is a large selection of beer and a changing cocktail menu. Also for adults they have occasional special events like their recent Comedy Night. These events require advanced reservations, but judging by the response to Comedy Night, couples are happy to pay the price. I’m hoping they add more of these events. People get tired of driving to the Red Barn in Adams County or all the way into Cincy for some live entertainment.

It impressed me, too, that they are good citizens–they have held fundraisers for local causes and, by renovating the exterior of their building, they have improved the look of Sardinia’s busiest street.

The Main Street Grille

Locally Owned

Call for carryout or limited delivery (which may require a small fee).

Children’s menu available.

104 North Main Street
Sardinia, OH 45171

Just south of highway 32 at the 4-way stop. If you reach the library, you’ve missed it!

They are on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SardiniaMainStreetGrille/

Hopefully soon they’ll have a website and join Twitter so fans can get instant updates on speicals.


Photo source: Main Street Grille


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  1. Interesting! I knew about Princess Anne and her family, and Charlene Wittstock, but the others were new to me. I certainly didn’t know Prince Albert was in the Olympics. I’m hoping to watch the opening ceremonies tonight!


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