Fun for Little Olympians!



The Olympics officially open tonight in Rio! If your family is going to be enjoying the competition, it can be tough for the little guys to be patient until it is family tv time! Here are some resources to help pass the time with the birth-to-early elementary crowd.

And, no, I didn’t pick any books. Sorry, but I imagine every library in the country has done a themed display.

 To Eat


Olympic Torch Cupcakes to serve with the Opening Ceremony.  Megan’s Kitchen Blog has the instructions! Leave her a nice comment if you make these!





Cool Pool Jello

The most decorated Olympian EVER is the USA’s own Michael Phleps and he’s a swimmer. He also happens to be carrying the Stars and Stripes in the Opening Ceremony. Here’s a great, simple, jello pool with cookie swimmers!
Blue jello, red licorice and teddy grahams. [Original blog has been taken down].


Need to go all-out and have a kids Olympics Party? Here’s Living Well–a favorite blog of mine–on how to host an Olympics Party complete with cookie Olympic Medals, a paper Fire for the caldron lit by the torch and Olympic Rings Pizza!  Living Well’s Olympic Party Post


To Make

Little guys LOVE to make stuff! I guarantee NO GLITTER! I threw in an super easy nail art idea and some big guy crafts too!


To Color




There are zillions of coloring pages on the internet. Activity Village has a really great selection of Olympics and Olympics-related coloring pages for all ages.




Photo Booth Fun




The Burgh Baby has wickedly funny drawing suggestions to make your own little Olympians look great!  Love this idea! There are examples from other sports, too.





To Track the Medal Count

Click source link to print


Source      Left     Right

Not in the USA? The RIGHT link has a Canadian Page and a blank page as well.


To Watch

Yesterday’s post had family-friendly movies, but these shows are just for the little ones in the family! Perfect for quiet time when or when Mom or Dad must make dinner.




When you are two or three Sports Day looks a lot like the Olympics, right? Season 7, episode 8 is Peppa’s Sports Day.

Watch on Amazon Instant Video




Yo Gabba Gabba, Season 4 has an Olympics episode!

Watch on Amazon Instant Video [#2]






When Mom needs a break, pop in Scooby’s Laff-a-lympics! Lame? You bet! Culturally uplifting? Sure! Scooby’s a classic!

Watch on Amazon Instant Video







Postcards from Buster is for elementary age kids. Episodes 13 and 18 look at serious athletic training like Olympians do!

Watch on Amazon Instant Video





Episode 6 of Kids Annotated History With Pipo talks about the creation of the ancient Olympics. Watch on Amazon Instant Video or Hulu



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