What Caught My Eye: Special Olympic Edition of American’s Best Moments at the Olympics

The IOC is not happy with bloggers using their hashtags or images so I’ve done my own!



There are so many great Olympic moments. I’m sorry if I didn’t mention your favorite, but feel free to tell me what it is in a comment.

American’s Finest Olympic Moments


Source unknown

Jesse Owens captures the Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics making a mockery of Hitler’s racial theories.



Source NBC

Muhammad Ali, who won Gold at the 1960 Rome Olympics but reportedly threw his medal in the Ohio River after a racist incident, lit the torch at the 1996 Atlanta games, shocking America at how frail he had become.


Source unknown

The Gold Medal-winning goal in 1980. The USA defeated the pros of the USSR.


Former Sudanese “Lost Boy” refugee Lopez Lomong as USA’s flag bearer in Bejing


Swimming legends Mark Spirtz (left) and Michael Phelps (right).


America’s brave sweetheart Kerri Strug who played with pain and help win the team Gold medal. She was carried to the podium by coach, Béla Károlyi.

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